Helix Ultra Cool Pad

Helix Ultra Cool Pad

Unlike other mattress pads, the Helix Ultra Cool Pad feels cold to the touch and is embedded with a phase change material. 

It’s no secret that Helix makes carefully designed products to meet exactly what people want, and I’m here to tell you whether the cool pad fits the bill.

The purpose of this Helix Ultra Cool Pad overview is to guide you through the features of this special mattress pad, explain how its technology works, and help you decide if it’s a worthwhile purchase.


The Helix Ultra Cool Pad features a soft, smooth quilted cotton top for the softening effect you’d want in a mattress pad.

This top layer is infused with antimicrobial and phase change technologies to keep you cool. In addition, an elastic skirt fits around the sides of the mattress pad, preventing it from rolling around or bunching up on your mattress.

  • Sizes Available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • Price Range: $100 – $175
  • Materials: 100% Cotton Quilting Layer, 100% Polyester Elastic Skirt
  • Suitable For Use With Mattresses Up To 15 Inches Deep (pretty much all mattresses)
  • Antimicrobial Treatment
  • Phase Change Treatment
  • Machine Washable
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Free Shipping (you can expect no-contact delivery within 3-7 days)

An Overview Of Phase Change Cooling

Helix Ultra Cool Pad

People can now buy products that use phase change technology because NASA has used it for some time. Because it’s popular to use in fabrics, it’s found in sports clothes and bedding.

This technology uses molecules called phase change molecules. There is a thermoregulating material inside these tiny little capsules (the exact composition is always a closely guarded patent). 

A fabric’s surface is sprayed with molecules, or the molecules are permanently embedded in the fiber. You don’t notice or feel them, apart from the fact that they work to cool you.

By absorbing and regulating excess heat, the molecules work. 

Solid materials inside molecules transform into liquids as they absorb and transfer heat.

The Helix Ultra Cool Pad absorbs excess heat from anywhere by dispersing excess heat. 

In addition to helping you relax in bed, it regulates your body temperature throughout the night (we need a cooler body temperature to fall asleep).

The pad doesn’t need to be in direct contact with you to work its magic: you can still use your mattress protector and sheets on top, and it will regulate your body temperature while you sleep. 

Although layers of fabric will cover it, it won’t feel cold to the touch.

You can see the phase change molecules working inside the Helix Ultra Cool Pad because they are infused with a color-changing technology.

Would you recommend the Helix Ultra Cool Pad?



The best dash-mounted or windshield-mounted model.


  • Soft & Smooth

  • Phase Change Cooling Tech

  • 100 Night Sleep Trial


  • Won't Fit Mattresses Deeper Than 15 Inches

  • Costs More Than Non Cooling Mattress Pads

For sure! In my opinion. The mattress pad is nice first of all. Soft to the touch, it will sit firmly on your mattress.

I believe the price is fully justified with the quality materials and cooling technology inside. Other brands offer mattress pads with less cooling and anti-microbial properties for more money. Adding phase change molecules to your mattress is a nice luxury touch, and you usually pay a lot.

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