Helix Midnight Mattress Review

Helix Midnight Review

Simply buying a bed is not enough. You need to have a comfortable mattress that perfectly aligns your body, lets it relax, and gives you a good night’s sleep. The helix midnight mattress is a known and one of the top-selling mattresses.  Let us look into its specifications to determine if this should be on … Read more

Saatva Zenhaven Review

Zenhaven Review

Saatva is one of the most reputable mattress manufacturers in the world. They are known for their wide range of quality mattresses that cater to a wide range of people. In this review, we will be looking at the Saatva Zenhaven mattress; the luxury latex mattress. The Zenhaven bed is a top-rated best latex mattress; … Read more

Mattress Thickness Ultimate Guide

Mattress Thickness Guide

It is impossible to beat the feeling of hopping onto a thick, soft mattress. Mattress thickness determines how comfortable you sleep. Mattress thickness ranges from 2 inches (mattress toppers) – 20+ inches (Extra firm mattresses). Luxury or posh mattresses fall in the range of 12 – 20+ inches. So, what is the ideal mattress thickness? … Read more

Saatva vs Helix

Saatva vs Helix

Saatva and Helix are two of the most popular mattress manufacturers with solid reputations in today’s market. Each brand has a wide selection of mattress models. They offer options for almost every type of sleeper. Although both of these mattresses use pocketed coils for firmness, bounce, and support, their textures are somewhat different. Well, if … Read more

Brentwood Home 13-inch Gel HD Memory Foam Mattress

Brentwood Home 13-inch Gel HD Memory Foam Mattress

Located in California, Brentwood Home manufactures handcrafted mattresses right in their warehouse. Brentwood Home stands out from many other mattress manufacturers on the market by creating eco-friendly products that meet Golden State standards.  Their mission is to create products that offer exceptional sleep while being environmentally friendly. The Brentwood Home team has more than three … Read more

The Best Lightweight Comfortable Mattresses

Puffy Original Mattress

Lightweight mattresses are typically the best choice when you need a mattress that can be moved easily, like for a guest room, RV, camping trip, or while traveling. However, lightweight mattresses with a thinner profile are made entirely of foam, or even are filled with air, such as lightweight blow-up mattresses. Therefore, lighter mattresses usually … Read more

Helix Ultra Cool Pad

Helix Ultra Cool Pad

Unlike other mattress pads, the Helix Ultra Cool Pad feels cold to the touch and is embedded with a phase change material.  It’s no secret that Helix makes carefully designed products to meet exactly what people want, and I’m here to tell you whether the cool pad fits the bill. The purpose of this Helix … Read more

Saatva Plush vs Luxury Firm vs Firm

Saatva Plush vs Luxury vs Firm

With high-end, luxurious features at a remarkably competitive price, Saatva is quickly becoming one of the most popular mattress brands. There are three variants in the company’s core lineup: Plush, Luxury Firm, and Firm. It’s up to us, as consumers, to decide which application is the most suitable for our needs, even if they’re all … Read more

Brentwood Home Oceano Mattress Review

Brentwood Home Mattress

What do you look for when searching for a mattress? Some people look for firmness, others long for pressure relief, and maybe you fall into those who relish edge support. Consequently, you need a hybrid mattress that has been tested and trusted with considerable years of experience, offering people comfort at any time of the … Read more