Ghostbed Adjustable Base Review

A mattress with a combination of comfort and support for your particular needs is the solution to a restful and peaceful sleep. And talking of comfort, an adjustable base might be what you need to take things up a notch. It’s an excellent replacement for regular bed frames as it offers numerous benefits a typical bed frame can’t provide. 

If you lose sleep because of back pain, like charging your gadgets in bed, having an inbuilt massage in your bed, and having trouble moving around or getting in and out of bed, an adjustable base is a perfect choice for you. And recently, I was able to try out the GhostBed Adjustable Base that has been making waves on the internet. Read this GhostBed adjustable base review to see how having an adjustable base can significantly transform and transform your sleep experience. 

Ghostbed adjustable base review

About GhostBed

The core mission of GhostBed is to manufacture and deliver high-quality, affordable mattresses. And they are also a force in the adjustable base industry as they manufacture adjustable bases that have been tagged “affordable luxury” by their clients worldwide. The GhostBed adjustable base provides numerous benefits and features at an affordable price. And you only find these features and enjoy these benefits from more expensive bases. The manufacturer of GhostBed adjustable base has made it their primary goal to make a significant difference in the sleeping experience of their customers. 

Features Of The GhostBed Adjustable Base

The GhostBed adjustable base has various features with different uses. These features all work to give you support and comfort while you sleep. Some of the key features of the GhostBed adjustable base include:

Multifunctional Wireless Remote Control

The GhostBed adjustable base comes with a multifunctional remote. You can use this remote to control the settings and features of this adjustable base. You will get two remotes if you order the split base size. They work for both sides of the bed. The two sides of the split base can also be synced. This will enable you to use one remote to control and operate the bed. The remote also comes with an inbuilt flashlight that you can use to find things when it’s dark.

Multiple Position With Memory Option

The head and bottom of the GhostBed adjustable base can be adjusted to multiple positions. It can be changed as much as 60 degrees for the bottom and 70 degrees for the head. The motor that helps to adjust the base works silently and smoothly. You can set the adjustable base to a custom position using the up and down buttons. However, use the preset buttons if you want easier and faster positioning. The three preset positions with the GhostBed adjustable base are Lounge, TV, and Zero gravity. However, you can also add a custom preset using one of the memory buttons. 

Head And Foot Massage

The GhostBed adjustable base comes with a head and foot massage option with up to fifteen intensity levels. It also comes with a timer, and you can use it to automatically turn off the massage after a while. The massage option that comes with the GhostBed adjustable base is quite powerful compared to other adjustable bases. You can use it to soothe soreness and pains or reduce tension in your muscle. Another reason why we prefer this adjustable base to others is that the massage doesn’t rattle; it’s whisper-quiet. Which means you can sleep without bothering about noise or other distractions. 

Other features of the GhostBed adjustable base are USB ports, Under-bed lighting, 100% steel constructed frame, etc. 


There are numerous head and foot elevation combinations in the GhostBed adjustable base. However, the manufacturer has identified four specially designed to meet your particular needs. They are:

  • Anti Snore: Anti snore slightly lifts the head to open the air duct. This will prevent snoring, and it’s a great feature for couples or sleep partners. This preset can also relieve the symptoms of heartburn and acid reflux and avoid asthma attacks. Anti snore is tagged as “ZZZ” on the remote.
  • Lounge: This position reduces tension and stress in the lower back by directing the base into a chaise lounge position. The lounge is tagged on the remote with an open book symbol.
  • Zero Gravity: It slightly raises the leg higher than the chest area. This helps the easy flow of blood back to the heart, which will, in turn, reduce fatigue and stress. Zero gravity is tagged on the remote as “ZG.”
  • TV: This preset elevates the head to the perfect position to use your laptop, watch television or read books. It is tagged as “TV” on the remote. 

The GhostBed Frame Set-Up Process 

The GhostBed adjustable base is straightforward to put together. Everything you need comes in a box, and the whole unit can fold in half. Follow the following simple steps to set up your own. 

  • Put the box on the ground. Ensure you follow the arrow on the side of the box so that the base will be facing the correct position when you open it
  • Fasten four legs on the rear area of the adjustable base. Then, flip the base over carefully and fasten the remaining two legs. 
  • Remove the power cord from the rear and unfold the GhostBed adjustable base carefully
  • Place the AAA batteries in the remote and connect the power cord. 
  • Finally, detach the pins from the base’s retainer. Then, thrust the retainer into two holes at the bottom of the bed. After which, you will return the pins so that the retainer can be firm.

Design and Highlighting Features 

The design of the GhostBed adjustable base is quite fair and modern. So it will effortlessly integrate with any type of room decoration and color. The fabric’s color around the edge of the GhostBed adjustable base is gray, and it is entirely made from steel, including the bar that holds your mattress. 

Dimensions And Storage 

When flat, the GhostBed adjustable base is eleven inches off the ground. This means you will have enough space to store bins for your extra bedding, clothes, luggage, etc. At its highest, the head of the adjustable base gets up to 39 inches off the ground while the foot gets up to fifteen inches off the ground. So you can use the space under the base for extra storage. 

Mattress Compatibility 

The GhostBed adjustable base works with all mattresses, including latex, spring, memory foam, and hybrid mattresses. It also works well with various thicknesses. However, if the mattress is fourteen inches thick or above, it will not adjust perfectly, especially if it’s a hybrid or spring mattress. You may also encounter issues with some innerspring units, especially those with continuous coils. However, this is solely influenced by their construction because some are not supple enough to adapt to the constant changing of positions. And it might lead to discomfort and pressure points. It is recommended to buy the GhostBed mattress if you want to buy the GhostBed adjustable base. The GhostBed and GhostBed Luxe are excellent choices. 


The GhostBed adjustable base comes in three different sizes, which are the Twin XL, Queen, and Split king. And these are the standard sizes with other adjustable bases

One of the most distinctive features of the GhostBed adjustable base is that even though it doesn’t come in a king-size bed frame, you can use it for a king-size bed if you want to. You can do this by buying two Twin XL sizes and syncing them together in your home. You will also be adequately instructed on how to sync the bed frames with the manual that it comes with. You can also check the company’s website for further instructions. 

Price of The GhostBed Adjustable Base 

The GhostBed adjustable base is quite affordable, and it has some of the best features compared to other adjustable frames that are more expensive. With less than $1200, you will get the Twin XL. It would be best to check the official website if the price changes after a while. However, when this GhostBed adjustable base review is being done, the Twin XL size goes for $1,124 while the Queen size is $1,274 and the Split King size is $2,249. 

GhostBed also provides an option if you can’t pay the total amount at once. Additionally, 0% financing is available through Affirm for qualified buyers. 

Final Verdict

With this GhostBed adjustable base review, we are confident that it is an excellent investment and the perfect replacement for bed frames. The GhostBed adjustable base is also up to par with some of these most expensive bases, like the Nolah adjustable base when it comes to features and the benefits you will enjoy. So if you are looking for an affordable adjustable base with contemporary and advanced features, the GhostBed adjustable base is an excellent choice. 

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