Saatva vs Naturepedic Unbiased Comparison

Saatva and Naturepedic are two of the most popular online mattress brands. But there are some notable differences between them regarding materialsfirmnesssupportcoolingmotion isolationpricing and other key factors.

This comprehensive, unbiased comparison article will analyze these key considerations in depth when deciding between Saatva vs Naturepedic mattresses.

Materials Used in Saatva and Naturepedic Mattresses

The materials used in mattress construction play a major role in comfort, support, breathability and more. Saatva and Naturepedic use very different materials in their mattress designs.

Saatva Hybrid Design

Saatva vs Naturepedic

Saatva mattresses like the flagship Saatva Classic utilize a high-quality coil-on-coil innerspring system. This provides excellent support for the spine and durability over time.

Specifically, there is a base layer of tempered steel Bonnell coils. On top of that sits a layer of pocketed micro-coils that help minimize motion transfer.

On top of the coil layers are foams like memory foam for additional comfort and pressure relief. The euro pillow top adds plush cushioning using a soft organic cotton cover.

This hybrid design balances comfort from the memory foam and euro pillow top with support from the dual coil layers.

Naturepedic Organic Materials

Naturepedic mattress vs Saatva

Naturepedic mattresses like the EOS model contain organic cotton, wool, latex, and pocketed coils. They intentionally avoid polyurethane foam and adhesives.

The organic cotton and wool provide a soft, breathable sleep surface. The latex and pocketed coils provide contouring and support.

The focus on organic materials provides a healthier, non-toxic sleep environment. But these premium materials also increase the cost. Naturepedic’s all-natural design contrasts with Saatva’s blend of high-tech coils and foams.

Firmness Levels

The firmness and overall feel of a mattress impact comfort and support. There are clear differences in firmness options between Saatva and Naturepedic.

Saatva Firmness Choices

A significant advantage of Saatva mattresses is that they offer three different firmness levels in one mattress model. The Saatva Classic is available in:

  • Plush Soft – Softer feel for side sleepers
  • Luxury Firm – Firmer and supportive feel
  • Firm – Very firm for back and stomach sleepers

This range accommodates different sleeping positions and body types. The euro pillow top and memory foam layer provide pressure relief and contouring. But the coil layers bring bounce and responsiveness.

Three firmness choices in the Saatva Classic allow most sleepers to get the right balance of cushioning and support.

Naturepedic Customization

Naturepedic mattresses like the EOS allow you to customize the firmness level on each side of the bed. Using latex and micro coils, they provide close contouring while the organic cotton and wool create a soft surface.

The customizable firmness is a key advantage of Naturepedic mattresses, allowing couples with different preferences to tailor each side.

However, manually flipping or rotating the mattress is less convenient than simply selecting your ideal firmness level when purchasing a Saatva mattress.

Support and Pressure Relief

Proper support and pressure relief are essential for spinal alignment and reducing pain. There are some differences in how Saatva and Naturepedic provide these.

Saatva Balance of Support and Pressure Relief

The coil-on-coil system in the Saatva Classic provides excellent support for the spine. The high-density foams reinforce the edges to prevent sagging. The memory foam and euro pillow top cushion the shoulders and hips to relieve pressure points. This support and pressure relief balance works well for side, back, and stomach sleepers.

Coupled with the wide firmness range, most sleepers can achieve proper spinal alignment and freedom from pain on a Saatva mattress.

Naturepedic Pressure Relief

Naturepedic mattresses contour closely to the body using latex and microcoils. This provides excellent pressure relief for side sleepers.

The organic wool and cotton provide a soft surface that cushions joints.

However, the natural materials may not provide the same support as the coils and foams in a Saatva mattress.

Lightweight side sleepers will likely experience superb pressure relief on a Naturepedic bed. But heavier individuals and those who sleep on their stomach may require more support.

Sleeping Cool

Temperature regulation is important for a comfortable night’s rest. Saatva and Naturepedic use different approaches to help sleepers stay cool.

Saatva Hybrid Cooling

The Saatva Classic has a breathable organic cotton cover, allowing airflow to the coil layer. This prevents heat buildup. The memory foam comfort layer may retain a little body heat. But overall, the coil construction and cotton cover help the Saatva sleep relatively cool.

Naturepedic Natural Cooling

Naturepedic mattresses sleep very cool thanks to the natural latex, wool, and cotton.The latex and wool offer exceptional temperature regulation and moisture wicking. The breathable layers allow air to flow and heat to dissipate. Avoiding heat-trapping polyurethane foams also helps Naturepedic beds sleep cooler than most hybrids like Saatva.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is an important consideration for couples so you don’t disturb your partner when moving in bed.

Saatva Moderate Motion Isolation

The responsive coils in the Saatva Classic allow for some motion transfer when changing positions or getting in and out of bed. Light sleepers may notice minor motion transfer across the mattress. Adding memory foam helps, but innerspring beds tend to have more motion transfer than all-foam or latex models.

Naturepedic Superior Motion Isolation

Naturepedic mattresses excel at minimizing motion transfer thanks to the natural materials.The latex and wool absorb movement, preventing it from spreading across the mattress surface. This makes Naturepedic a great choice for couples. Sleeping undisturbed regardless of your partner’s movements makes Naturepedic preferable for light sleepers.

Pricing Differences

The price and value you get for your money is an essential consideration when mattress shopping. Saatva and Naturepedic differ quite a bit in their pricing.

Saatva Affordable Luxury

Saatva mattresses range from $899 to $2,299 for a Queen size. This positions them in the luxury mattress category. But Saatva’s prices are exceptionally affordable compared to similar luxury mattresses sold in stores that can cost $3,000+ for a Queen.

When you look at the high-quality materials and construction, Saatva provides luxury and performance at direct-to-consumer prices. This makes them a stellar value.

Naturepedic Premium Organic Pricing

Naturepedic Queen size mattresses cost between $1,199 and $7,499. This premium pricing is due to the organic materials.

For some shoppers, the all-natural, organic construction justifies the higher investment. But for others, this price tag may be hard to swallow.

Saatva offers comparable quality and performance for a fraction of the cost, making them the value pick for budget-conscious shoppers.

Key Takeaways: Saatva vs Naturepedic

  • Saatva mattresses use quality foams and a coil-on-coil design that provides excellent support and durability. The wide firmness range accommodates most sleepers.
  • Naturepedic mattresses contain organic cotton, wool and latex for a non-toxic, healthier sleep environment. They excel at pressure relief.
  • Saatva offers exceptional value with luxury features at direct-to-consumer prices. Naturepedic is significantly more expensive.
  • Couples and light sleepers may prefer Naturepedic for its superior motion isolation.
  • Hot sleepers will likely find Naturepedic’s all-natural design sleeps cooler than Saatva’s hybrid.
  • Those seeking luxury, support and affordability will be very satisfied with Saatva. Naturepedic appeals to shoppers wanting a premium organic mattress.

Based on materials, construction, pricing, and overall performance, Saatva is the better pick for most consumers. But Naturepedic benefits couples, hot sleepers and those wanting an all-natural mattress.

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