Stearns and Foster vs Purple Mattress Review and Comparison 2023

Stearns and Foster vs Purple

Stearns Foster and Purple are like night and day. Stearns and Foster is like the distinguished grandfather of the mattress world – it’s a luxury brand that has been handcrafting high-end beds for over a century. On the other hand, Purple is like the new kid on the block, disrupting the mattress industry with its wacky gel grid technology.

Stearns and Foster is a tried and true classic. They make hybrid innerspring mattresses using fancy organic cotton, wool, latex, and memory foam. Their mattresses range from plush as a cloud to firm as a rock. These beds will cradle you gently like a mother’s embrace. Of course, all that luxury comes with a luxury price tag – we’re talking $1,799 to $4,299 for a queen.

But what if you want something different and affordable? That’s where Purple comes in. This young company sells direct-to-consumer online and makes mattresses with a uniquely squishy, gel-like feel. Their secret sauce is a hyper-elastic polymer grid that gives sleepers a floating, weightless sensation.

The Purple Mattress has just two layers, while the Purple Hybrid slips some pocket coils for extra support. Compared to Stearns and Foster, Purple beds are bargains at $999 to $2,199 for a queen.

Stearns and Foster represent timeless luxury and comfort. Purple is innovative, quirky, and budget-friendly. Are you the type who prefers a reliable old luxury car or a fun, new whip filled with the latest technology? 

Overview of Stearns and Foster and Purple Mattresses

Purple Mattress vs Stearn and Foster

Stearns and Foster is a luxury mattress brand making high-end hybrid mattresses for over 100 years. Their mattresses use premium materials like organic cotton, wool, latex, memory foam and a coil-on-coil innerspring support system. This hybrid mattress design provides excellent edge support and a plush, conforming feel. However, Stearns and Foster mattresses come with a luxury price tag, ranging from $1,799 – $4,299 for a queen.

The Purple mattress is a much newer direct-to-consumer online mattress brand that is best known for its unique Purple Grid technology. The Purple Grid is a hyper-elastic polymer grid layer that gives the Purple mattress a floating, gel-like feel unlike any other foam mattress. Purple mattresses are also significantly more affordable than the high-end Stearns and Foster, with queen sizes starting at just $999.

So, in this mattress review and comparison for 2023, we’ll look at how the Stearns and Foster vs Purple stack up across different factors like materials, feel, cooling, and more to help you decide which mattress fits your sleep needs and budget.

Mattress Construction Materials Comparison

The materials used in a mattress greatly affect its overall feel, performance and price. Here is how the Stearns and Foster and Purple mattresses compare:

  • Stearns and Foster uses premium materials like organic cotton, wool, Talalay latex, memory foam, microcoils and a coil-on-coil dual support system. This hybrid mattress construction provides cushioning comfort.
  • The Purple mattress contains the unique Purple Grid (hyper-elastic polymer), polyfoam and pocketed coils in some models. The Purple Grid gives it a floating, responsive sensation.
  • Stearns and Foster mattresses have more complex layering and materials. Purple has a simpler foam and grid construction.
  • The luxurious Stearns and Foster has a more traditional plush mattress feel while the Purple feels uniquely gel-like.

Mattress Feel and Firmness Evaluation

The firmness and overall feel of a mattress comes down to personal preference. Here’s how these two mattresses compare:

  • Stearns and Foster ranges from plush soft to extra firm. It has excellent edge support and closely conforms to the body.
  • The original Purple Mattress is medium-firm. The Purple Hybrid also comes in medium and medium-firm options.
  • Stearns and Foster provides a hugged, cushioned feel. Purple gives a floating, weightless sensation.
  • The responsive Purple Grid provides great pressure relief while still allowing easy movement.
  • Stearns and Foster would suit side sleepers wanting a softer feel with support. Purple accommodates all sleeping positions.

Cooling Capabilities Comparison

Temperature regulation is key for a good night’s sleep. Here is how these mattresses stack up:

  • The open grid design of the Purple mattress allows more airflow and makes it sleep cooler than the Stearns and Foster.
  • However, Stearns and Foster uses cooling components like gel foam and coils to help dissipate heat. It can also be upgraded with advanced cooling materials.
  • For budget shoppers or hot sleepers, Purple runs cooler. But Stearns and Foster can be customized for excellent cooling too.

Motion Isolation Review

For couples, minimizing motion transfer across the mattress is important. Here is how these mattresses compare:

  • The Stearns and Foster hybrid absorbs more motion transfer thanks to its thick foam layers and microcoils.
  • The Purple Mattress allows more motion transfer due to its responsive, bouncy feel. But the Purple Hybrid improves motion isolation with its pocketed coils.
  • Overall, couples are less likely to disturb each other on the Stearns and Foster mattress.

Durability and Longevity

You want your mattress to last. Here’s how they compare:

  • With quality materials and a sturdy coil system, the Stearns and Foster has excellent durability and owners report their mattresses lasting over a decade.
  • The Purple is decent for shorter-term durability of around 5-7 years, but some owners report softening and impressions over time.
  • The Stearns and Foster is the clear winner for long-term mattress durability.

Trial Period and Warranty Information

It’s essential to know the policies that stand behind the mattress:

  • Stearns, Foster, and Purple offer generous risk-free trial periods of 90-100 nights. This allows you to test out the mattress for comfort.
  • Each mattress comes with a 10-year limited warranty covering manufacturing defects. Overall, Stearns and Foster offers slightly better warranty coverage.

Mattress Price and Value Comparison

Regarding price and overall value, there is a significant difference between the Stearns and Foster and Purple mattresses.

Stearns and Foster mattresses are premium luxury beds with a luxury price point. Queen sizes typically range from $1,799 on the low end, up to $4,299 for their top-of-the-line beds. This pricing reflects the high-end materials used in Stearns and Foster mattresses such as organic cotton, wool, Talalay latex, memory foam, and their patented coil-on-coil spring system. These materials and hand-crafted quality result in exceptional comfort and support. Considering the craftsmanship and longevity of these hybrid mattresses, Stearns and Foster beds provide excellent value, especially for those wanting a mattress to last over a decade.

In contrast, Purple mattresses are significantly more budget-friendly, with queen sizes starting at just $999. The flagship Purple Mattress queen comes in at $1,149, while the more advanced Purple Hybrid costs $2,199 in a queen. Purple has disrupted the mattress industry by offering innovative products like their proprietary Purple Grid gel polymer at competitive prices.

Purple mattresses provide tremendous value, using unique materials not found in other beds at this budget-friendly price point. However, there are some concerns over the long-term durability of Purple mattresses compared to the tried and true Stearns and Foster. Some Purple owners report impressions and loss of support after 3-5 years, particularly heavier individuals. But for the price, Purple offers outstanding comfort and quality.

For shoppers on a tight budget who still want a high-quality mattress, Purple is easily the better value option. But those with more flexibility in their budget who want the ultimate luxury mattress with exceptional longevity are better suited to the Stearns and Foster. So determine whether budget or luxury is more important, and also consider how long you hope your mattress will last before making the investment. Both Stearns and Foster and Purple provide excellent comfort and support, so the price and value comparison really comes down to your budget and desired mattress lifespan.

Who Should Buy Each Mattress?

Whether the Stearns and Foster or Purple is the right mattress for you depends on your needs and preferences. Let me break it down for you:

If you’re a luxury mattress lover who enjoys life’s finer things, splurge on that Stearns & Foster!

Do you love settling in to a plush, cloud-like bed at the end of the day? Does quality craftsmanship with natural materials like cotton, wool, and latex appeal to you? Then the decadent Stearns and Foster is calling your name, honey! This tried and true brand has been honing the art of luxury comfort for over 150 years. With these hand-made hybrid beds, you’ll be sleeping like royalty.

Just make sure your bank account can foot that sky-high queen size bill of $1,799 to $4,299. For many luxury lovers, this mattress is well worth the investment – I mean, you can’t put a price on a decade of glorious sleep!

If you’re a budget buyer who values innovation – go with that Purple!

Looking for crazy cool mattress tech on a wallet-friendly budget? Then Purple is your jam! This relative newcomer disrupts the industry with their zany hyper-elastic polymer grid that feels like sleeping on jelly. It provides cooling comfort at an affordable price.

As a bonus, you’ll sleep soundly knowing you scored a quality queen for only $999 to $2,199. That’s innovation and value I can get behind! While it may not last as long as the Stearns and Foster, the lightweight, floating feel of the Purple has totally converted me into a gel grid fan.

So, if you have champagne tastes on a beer budget, let Purple upgrade your sleep experience without draining your funds. Those dollars can go towards a dream vacay instead!

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