Plushbeds vs Sleepez Comparison 2023

Plushbeds vs Sleepez

Organic latex mattresses have been growing in popularity in recent years. Made from the sap of rubber trees, natural latex offers exceptional comfort, support, and durability.

Two leading brands for organic latex mattresses online are Plushbeds and Sleepez. But how do these two mattress companies compare when it comes to materials, customization options, prices, reviews, and overall value?

This comprehensive mattress comparison will examine the key differences between Plushbeds and Sleepez. We’ll look at the construction, layer options, certifications, policies, and customer experiences with each brand.

Read on to learn which organic latex mattress could be the best choice for your needs and budget.

Overview of Plushbeds and Sleepez

Plushbeds and Sleepez both manufacture high-quality organic latex mattresses in the USA. They offer customized comfort with the ability to select different firmness levels in the latex layers. Both brands use certified organic materials and have rigorous standards for durability and performance. However, there are some notable differences.

Plushbeds has a wider range of mattress models with more thickness and firmness options. They use their own Arpico organic latex along with other certified materials. Plushbeds tend to be more expensive but offer greater customization flexibility.

Sleepez focuses more on value and simplicity. They have fewer mattress models and make it easy to rearrange layers yourself. Sleepez sources organic latex from around the world and keeps prices affordable. They’ve been crafting latex mattresses since 1976.

Plushbeds has more customization, while Sleepez prioritizes budget-friendly pricing.

Mattress Construction and Materials

The overall construction of Plushbeds and Sleepez mattresses is quite similar. Both use layered designs with organic latex foam and quilted covers. However, there are some variations regarding the latex types, quality certifications, and fabric choices.

Layer Options and Thickness

Plushbeds offers 6 mattress models ranging from 6” to 12” thick.

This includes the Botanical Bliss, Natural Bliss, Luxury Bliss, and Ocean Mist. Thickness options go up to 12”.

Sleepez provides 4 main mattress models from 7” to 13” thick.

Choices include the Sleepez, the Hybrid, the Sleepez Latex Mattress, and the Zenhaven. Sleepez thickness options go up to 13”.

So Plushbeds offers more models and thickness configurations overall.

But Sleepez still provides a good range for personalization.

Both brands allow you to customize the firmness of each latex layer. Plushbeds makes this process simpler with their online Firmness Finder quiz.

Sleepez has you rearrange layers yourself to adjust feel. Split firmness is also available with both Plushbeds and Sleepez for couples with different preferences.

Latex Types

The latex layers from Plushbeds and Sleepez can be made from Dunlop or Talalay latex. Both are highly durable, resilient foams derived from rubber tree sap.

Dunlop latex has a dense, consistent feel sought after by stomach and back sleepers. Talalay latex has a lighter, airier texture preferred by side sleepers.

Plushbeds uses their own Arpico organic latex made in the USA. Sleepez sources latex worldwide from trusted suppliers like Radium Foam. Both brands offer certifications to validate the quality and purity of materials.


All Plushbeds and Sleepez latex mattresses come certified organic by GOLS. This ensures the latex is made through environmentally sustainable methods free of harsh chemicals.

The cotton fabric covers are certified organic by GOTS. They are also treated with natural flame retardants to meet safety standards.

Additionally, both brands have GREENGUARD Gold certification. This validates the mattresses meet rigorous standards for low emissions and indoor air quality.

Plushbeds also has some models certified by OEKO-TEX Standard 100. And Sleepez has Rainforest Alliance certification for sustainable sourcing.

So, regarding certified organic materials, both brands are excellent choices. Plushbeds offers a few more specialized certifications.

Fabric Covers

The quilted covers on Plushbeds and Sleepez mattresses contain GOTS organic cotton and wool. This provides breathability and moisture-wicking.

Plushbeds offer more choices when it comes to cover fabrics. Options include organic cotton, Tencel, and linen. Sleepez focuses on organic cotton with added wool. Both mattresses should have stretchy, high-quality covers. But Plushbeds gives you more custom fabric options.

Customization and Policies

Plushbeds and Sleepez both aim to provide customized comfort. However, Plushbeds offers more flexibility while Sleepez focuses on simplicity. Here’s how the personalization options and policies compare.

Shopping Experience

Purchasing a mattress from Plushbeds involves selecting your model, thickness, firmness configuration, and fabric cover. You can complete their online Firmness Finder quiz for guidance.

Sleepez keeps it simpler with fewer choices needed upfront. Their “zip and flip” layer design lets you rearrange firmness levels at home as needed.

Plushbeds provide more guidance but can feel overwhelming. Sleepez makes adjustments easy anytime.

Delivery Policy

Plushbeds offers free standard delivery in the contiguous USA. Expedited shipping is available for an added fee.

Sleepez also provides free standard shipping. Plus they have a unique RV/mobile home delivery option.

For delivery, the brands are quite comparable. Sleepez has an edge for specialty situations.

Sleep Trial and Returns

Plushbeds gives you 100 nights to test out the mattress at home. If you’re unsatisfied, they will issue a full refund and arrange pickup.

Sleepez also offers a 100-night sleep trial. Returns are free within the trial period, and they donate the mattress to charity.

Regarding sleep trials, the policies are identical—no concerns with either brand.


The Plushbeds latex mattress warranty covers defects and indentations over 1.5” for 25 years. It is prorated after the first 10 years.

Sleepez provides a lifetime warranty covering manufacturing and material defects. It is non-prorated for the full ownership period.

The Sleepez lifetime warranty is a better long-term safeguard versus the partial coverage from Plushbeds.

Return Fees

If you return your Plushbeds mattress after the trial period, there is a mandatory $99 transportation fee. And a $50 per item restocking fee applies.

Sleepez charges a flat $199 return pickup and donation fee. Much more affordable than Plushbeds.For returns, Sleepez is the clear winner with lower logistics costs.

Mattress Prices

One of the biggest differences between these two brands is the pricing. Plushbeds has premium customizable options while Sleepez focuses on value.Here is an overview of the mattress price ranges:

  • Plushbeds Mattresses: $1,099 to $4,598
  • Sleepez Mattresses: $1,050 to $3,098

In general, Sleepez mattresses are more budget-friendly, especially for basic models. Plushbeds cost more but provide greater thickness and firmness flexibility.

The Botanical Bliss from Plushbeds ranges from $1,599 for a 9” Queen to $2,999 for a 12” split King. Their cheapest option is the Natural Bliss at $1,099.

The Sleepez mattress starts at $1,050 for a Queen. The Zenhaven model tops out around $3,098 for a split King.

You’ll pay at least $500 more with Plushbeds for added customization. But Sleepez keeps organic latex affordable.

Plushbeds and Sleepez Mattress Reviews

Now that we’ve compared the construction, materials, policies and pricing, let’s see how real customers rate these organic latex mattress brands.

Customer Service

Reviews for both Plushbeds and Sleepez highlight the excellent customer service. Owners are very responsive and helpful throughout the shopping and delivery process.

Plushbeds gets extra praise for their detailed Firmness Finder quiz. And Sleepez customers appreciate the low $199 setup fee.

You can expect a smooth ordering and setup experience with either company based on reviews.

Initial Comfort and Feel

According to Plushbeds owners, the mattresses immediately provide impressive contouring and pressure relief. However, some report the mattresses feel overly soft and lack support initially. Sleepez customers mention great spine alignment and minimal motion transfer. The “zip and flip” layers make it easy to adjust firmness. Sleepez gets better reviews for edge support.It seems Plushbeds excels at comfort but takes more breaking in. Sleepez offers better support and customization from day one.

Durability and Longevity

Reviews for both mattress brands indicate excellent longevity thanks to the durable latex construction. These mattresses maintain their shape and performance for many years.Plushbeds owners mention some softening and impressions forming over 5-10 years. But Sleepez customers highlight minimal body indentations even after decades of use.The exceptional Sleepez warranty provides peace of mind. But both deliver durable comfort.

Temperature Regulation

The breathable latex design of both mattresses receives praise for staying cool year-round. The organic cotton covers provide airflow and moisture wicking.

Plushbeds owners mention the Natural Bliss model sleeps cooler than the Botanical Bliss. Sleepez customers love the consistent temperature regulation.

For hot sleepers, these latex mattresses are both great options. Sleepez seems to have a slight edge for temperature neutrality.

Motion Isolation

Reviews for Plushbeds and Sleepez highlight great motion isolation with the responsive latex layers. You barely feel your partner moving in bed. However, a few Plushbeds owners mention some motion transfer on the softer models. Sleepez customers describe absolute minimal disturbance.If you or your partner are sensitive to nighttime disruptions, Sleepez may provide superior motion isolation.

Smell and Off-Gassing

The certified organic materials used by Plushbeds and Sleepez produce minimal off-gassing and odor. Any smells dissipate within a few hours to days. Plushbed owners mention a mild latex scent at first. Sleepez customers highlight no chemical smells whatsoever. Both brands deliver mattresses free of harsh VOC off-gassing. But Sleepez seems to have less odor when unboxing.


Based on reviews, Plushbeds is best for those wanting thick, customized latex mattresses. Sleepers seeking superior edge support and motion isolation may prefer Sleepez.

Both brands work for all sleeping positions. Back and stomach sleepers may like Plushbeds better. Side sleepers seem to favor Sleepez.If budget is a concern, Sleepez provides the best value. For those wanting maximum customization, Plushbeds is the winner.

Plushbeds vs Sleepez: Which is Better For You?

When choosing between Plushbeds and Sleepez organic latex mattresses, there are a few key factors to consider:

Budget – Sleepez is more affordable, especially for basic mattresses. Plushbeds costs $500+ more for customization.

Customization – Plushbeds has more thickness, firmness, and fabric options. Sleepez simplifies adjustments with layer swapping.

Policies – Plushbeds provide guidance but complex choices. Sleepez has simple shopping and unbeatable return fees.

Support – Some Plushbeds models lack edge support initially. Sleepez excels at proper spine alignment.

Cooling – Both brands offer excellent temperature regulation. Sleepez seems a bit cooler.

Motion Isolation – Plushbeds has some motion transfer. Sleepez minimizes nighttime disruptions.

Longevity – The exceptional Sleepez warranty provides peace of mind. But both are durable.

Off-Gassing – Minimal odor with both. Sleepez has less initial latex scent. Overall, Plushbeds and Sleepez both deliver outstanding organic latex mattresses.

Plushbeds offers unparalleled customization. Sleepez provides better overall value and support.

Carefully examine your budget, sleep needs, and preferences. Side sleepers on a budget may favor Sleepez. Customization-focused shoppers should consider Plushbeds.

No matter which brand you choose, you can enjoy exceptional comfort, support, and eco-friendly quality. Investing in one of these natural latex mattresses can truly transform your sleep experience.

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