Plank Mattress vs Saatva Comparison 2023

Plank Mattress vs Saatva

With the rise of online mattress brands, consumers today have more options than ever when shopping for a new bed. Two popular mattress brands in the direct-to-consumer space are Plank, offered by Brooklyn Bedding, and the Saatva mattress. When comparing the Plank and Saatva mattresses, there are several key factors shoppers should consider before purchasing.

The Plank mattress is an all-foam flippable mattress with firm and extra firm sides, making it best suited for back and stomach sleepers who need extra support.

Saatva offers a classic innerspring mattress in three firmness levels – soft, medium, and firm – allowing consumers to choose the right feel for their sleep position and preferences.

Beyond firmness, shoppers should also compare materials, motion isolation, edge support, pressure relief, and other performance factors before deciding between Plank or Saatva. Pricing, sleep trials, and warranties are other important considerations.

Recent Updates

  • Plank recently introduced a quilted cover for enhanced comfort
  • Saatva launched an eco-friendly organic cotton cover option
  • Saatva now provides free white glove delivery service
  • Plank upgraded its foam layers for better pressure relief

With recent design and policy updates, both Plank and Saatva remain strong contenders in the online mattress space. This comparison will dive deeper into the pros, cons, and newest features of each mattress model.

Plank Firm Mattress Review

The Plank mattress is an all-foam, flippable mattress designed and manufactured by Brooklyn Bedding. Available in twin to California king sizes, the Plank comes in two models – the original Plank Firm and the Plank Firm Luxe hybrid.

Plank Firm Construction

The flagship Plank Firm model features a simple 4-layer foam construction. Both sides of the mattress have a quilted top layer with minimal loft followed by high-density polyfoam support layers.

  • The firm side has 2” of TitanFlex foam for a little extra cushioning and rates around a 7/10 on the firmness scale.
  • The extra firm side omits the TitanFlex layer for an ultra-firm feel of 9/10.

With its flippable design, sleepers can choose either firmness level by flipping the mattress as needed.

Plank Firm Performance

The Plank Firm provides excellent support for back and stomach sleepers who need a very firm surface. The dense foams offer minimal contouring to keep the spine properly aligned. Strong edge support also makes it easy to get in and out of bed.Though not ideal for side sleepers, the Plank does provide decent pressure relief thanks to its foam construction. The mattress sleeps relatively cool compared to other all-foam beds. Adding the optional GlacioTex cooling cover enhances temperature regulation.

Plank Firm Luxe

The Plank Firm Luxe hybrid has a similar firm, flippable design but with pocketed coils at its core for added bounce and airflow. The coil system improves motion isolation for couples while the foam layers still deliver solid support. The Luxe costs a bit more than the original Plank Firm but offers a more luxurious feel.

Recent Plank Updates

  • Added a quilted cover for a softer, more breathable sleep surface
  • Upgraded foams for better pressure relief and durability
  • Introduced recycled materials in the mattress cover
  • Expanded size options to include RV and short queen sizes

With its reversible firmness levels, advanced cooling features, and recent design improvements, the Plank mattress remains a top choice for back and stomach sleepers seeking an ultra-firm, supportive all-foam or hybrid mattress.

Saatva Mattress Review

Saatva Classic

Founded in 2010, Saatva is one of the pioneers in the online mattress space. The flagship Saatva Classic is a premium hybrid innerspring mattress handcrafted in the USA using quality materials.

Saatva Classic Construction

The Saatva Classic features a dual-layer coil-on-coil design with a pillow top for enhanced comfort:

  • The support core contains Bonnell coils made from tempered steel for durability and support. These are topped by pocketed coils that help minimize motion transfer.
  • Cushioning foams in the comfort layer provide contouring. A memory foam lumbar pad offers targeted back support.
  • The organic cotton Euro pillow top enhances breathability and pressure relief. It is available quilted or unquilted.

Saatva Classic Performance

The Saatva Classic offers a responsive, traditional innerspring feel. The dual-layer coils provide excellent support for all body types and sleep positions. The foams and pillow top cradle the body to relieve pressure points.With three firmness levels, sleepers can choose their ideal comfort and support level: Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, or Firm. The Luxury Firm is the most popular.

Recent Saatva Updates

  • Introduced an eco-friendly organic cotton cover option
  • Launched Saatva HD – a mattress for heavier individuals
  • Added a Youth mattress designed for growing kids
  • Expanded sizing options to include split king and RV mattress sizes

With its customizable firmness, quality craftsmanship, and white glove delivery service, the Saatva Classic offers a luxury hybrid innerspring experience at an accessible price point compared to similar retail options.

Verdict: Brooklyn Bedding Plank vs Saatva Mattress

When comparing the all-foam Plank mattress and the Saatva Classic hybrid mattress, there are pros and cons to consider before deciding which is better for your needs.

Best for Back Sleepers

For back sleepers, the ultra-firm Plank mattress provides excellent spinal alignment and support. Its dense foam layers keep the back lifted without sagging. Saatva’s firmness options also suit back sleepers, but the Plank’s flippable firmness takes it further.

Best for Side Sleepers

Side sleepers need more pressure relief around the shoulders and hips. Here, the Saatva’s softer foam comfort layers and pillow top design excel at cushioning these areas. Plank is simply too firm for most side sleepers.

Cooling and Motion Isolation

The Saatva’s hybrid coil construction allows more airflow to keep the mattress cool. Its individually wrapped coils also limit motion transfer better than the Plank’s solid foam layers.


Though similarly priced, the Saatva comes with added value like free white glove delivery, old mattress removal, and a 180-night trial versus Plank’s 120 nights. However, Plank’s 10-year warranty beats Saatva’s 15 years.


Saatva recently introduced an organic cotton cover option and other eco-friendly materials. Plank also uses some recycled materials but is not as focused on sustainability.

Firmness Flexibility

The Plank’s flippable firmness gives sleepers options in one mattress. With Saatva, you must choose one firmness upfront. However, Saatva offers more fine-tuned choices between very plush and very firm. Overall, the Plank best suits back sleepers wanting a customizable firmness. Side sleepers seeking pressure relief are better off with the Saatva. Consider sleep position, budget, and delivery options before deciding. Testing out each mattress can provide the best insight into which feels most comfortable for your needs.

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