Saatva Modern Foam Mattress

Saatva launched a new mattress: Saatva Modern Foam Mattress. Here’s a brief so you can see why exactly we are so excited about this Foam Mattress!

  • A flatpack premium foam mattress consisting of 4 layers.  A strong 7” support core with open-cell for airflow.  A 3/4” layer of gel-infused memory foam for conformation and cooling, laminated to the support core 
  • A 2” pc of high density super soft convoluted foam adds significant airflow while enhancing the contouring of the surface to the sleeper
  • A 1/2” latex crown supports the entire torso of the sleeper.  Proving extra support and comfort to the lower back.  Also strengthening the mattress where the bulk of the bodyweight is concentrated.   This crown also is part of our Lumbar Zone patent which continues by supporting the Zoned quilt above. Our luxurious organic cotton fabric is zoned quilted to super 5/16 soft foam and 1” of Dacron plus all-natural Flame Retardant material. 
  • Modern Foam, like all SAATVA beds, is built like the best mattresses. With flanged quilted panels (hog ringed) stapled to the core, taped edged, and shipped flat with white beloved deliver.

Why not roll-packed?   

With the Modern Foam’s multiple layers, over the open cell support core, it is a known fact that roll packing which involves compressing the entire mattress down to 1” then folding it in half then rolling it which stresses it even further breaks the cells of foam and greatly weakens the ones that didn’t break. It’s like small balloons popping. Once broken the support is gone and there is a significant loss of the integrity of the mattress

SAATVA will not compromise the integrity of any of our mattresses including our all-new Modern Foam We offer a 12-year warranty on our Modern Foam. A bed in a box is unable to do what we do.  Most bed-in-box brands will not last the10 years they offer as a warranty. That’s why their return rates far exceed our SAATVA brand which is all full-size flat packed and white gloves delivered.  

Our SaaatvaModern Foam Mattress is a premium mattress without the premium price.  It is designed to give our customers years of comfortable support without giving up on quality and longevity.  A great night’s sleep at a cost anybody can afford. 

Delivered by professionals to your door and bedroom including set up and removal of your old bed. And all SAATVA guarantees apply. 

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