Tips To Expand Your Bed In A Box Quicker

Tips To Expand Bed In A Box

You’ve just bought your first mattress in a box, or maybe it was your parents, who aren’t as familiar with using the internet as you are.

What is the time required for a memory foam mattress to completely expand before you can sleep on it?

You have bought your new memory foam mattress, but your mattress company tells you that you should wait for 24 hours at the very least before sleeping on it, because the foam needs time to expand and settle fully.

You may also hear that you should wait for 72 hours because the foam needs to expand and settle before you can really feel comfortable fully.

There is no exact answer to the question, “Will my bed be fine if I sleep on it immediately and ignore the recommendations?”

However, some guidelines can help you make an informed decision. If you plan to sleep on your new bed the first night, then you should probably sleep on the floor. If you plan to keep your old mattress, then you should probably wait until the next day before sleeping on your new bed.

There is also a reason why companies recommend waiting before sleeping on a brand-new, unboxed mattress. It is not because you will damage it – it will take several years before you damage a quality mattress.

The reason is very simple: you need to wait to ensure your first night on your new mattress will be as comfortable as possible.

What is a bed in a box mattress?

Memory foam is an excellent choice for sleeping because it conforms to your body contours and supports all areas of your body. When you wake up, you won’t feel any pain or discomfort. Memory foam mattresses are made of a special material that responds to heat and weight. This allows them to mold to your body contours, making them perfect for sleeping.

A machine takes this type of mattress and folds it into a smaller package. After that, it is placed in a box for easy transport. Once delivered, the mattress will need some time to expand back to its original size.

Foam mattresses are often sold as a bed in a box because they compress very well.  You can find some other types of mattresses, including innerspring and hybrid compressed in a box, but those are not so common because it’s harder to compress them.

So regardless of which size of bed you buy, whether it is as large as a king or a smaller twin size, manufacturers can shrink and roll up the mattress into the box.

How does It work?

To get any of those comfortable mattresses shipped to your house, they must first press them, vacuum and seal them, then put them in a box. Once you open the box, it takes time for the mattress to return to its original size and shape.

It may take a couple of hours for it to expand, or it may take 48 hours. To control this process, just eyeball the mattress: if it looks comfortable and fluffy, it is safe to sleep on. Usually, you will be able to sleep on it the first night.

Place your mattress in a well-ventilated, warm room to speed up the expansion process. Airflow and heat will help the mattress quickly revert to its original size.

Benefits of Waiting

Ventilation is the main benefit of sleeping on a new mattress. Even though mattresses are usually CertiPUR-USA certified, the plastic cover and the memory foam might still have a slight odor. You should place your bed in a ventilated room and let it dry out for 24-48 hrs before you sleep on it to get rid of any odors.

Another reason to wait for the whole recommended period is to be extra careful about your health. The mattress company recommends a certain amount of time before sleeping on the mattress.

Therefore, if you sleep on the mattress after that time, it is a great idea to do so. But if you have been sleeping on the floor or on your old mattress for a month, we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to sleep on the mattress as soon as possible.

What If You Do Not Want To Wait?

Most memory foams come with instructions that say you should wait 24 hours before using your new mattress. After that, you should check out the mattress for any defects or problems. Some flaws and cracks may only appear after the mattress has fully expanded.

If you don’t follow the instructions and sleep directly on the memory foam after the 24-hour time period has passed, your body heat will help the memory foam expand more quickly. If you cannot wait as long, we recommend waiting for 4-12 hours before using the mattress.

That is the initial period when the most expansion takes place.

Waiting a little bit more will make you avoid Off-Gassing.

Off-gassing is a natural phenomenon that occurs when mattresses are first opened after being stored for a long time. Some chemicals may come out of the foam and/or springs. These chemicals are usually harmless, but if you have an allergy, you should avoid sleeping on your new mattress until it has completely off-gassed.

How Can Bed In A Box Be Made To Expand More Quickly?

To get your memory foam to grow faster, follow these tips:

Unbox Your Mattress As Soon As Possible

If you plan to use the memory foam bed soon, be sure to unpack it immediately after receiving it. The sooner it gets unpacked, the faster the expansion process will begin.

Unfold The Mattress And Lay It Out Flat

Unfolding the mattress is the first step in getting it ready for use. After you’ve unfolded the mattress, let it sit for at least 24 hours before using it. This allows the mattress to expand evenly and quickly.

Place A Mattress In A Warm Room

The first step to reducing the expansion time is to place your mattress inside a warm environment. If the room is too cold, turn on a heater to increase the temperature. The viscoelastic material’s fluidness will be increased by the higher temperature, allowing the memory foam to expand more quickly.

Also, the warm air will help to keep your bed soft even after it has grown.

Give The Mattress Proper Ventilation And Air Circulation

Another trick to help reduce the amount of time needed for the memory foams to expand is to keep them away from heat sources. If you place your mattress on top of a platform with slats, you can create airflow through the slats. You can also use fans to circulate the air around the mattress.

If you decide to use that technique, make sure you turn down the temperature of the fan heater. You also need to check with your mattress manufacturer if using them with their products is safe.


When you buy a new mattress, you will want to try out the bed before you purchase it. You will want to see if it feels comfortable and if it is what you expected. If not, you may want to return it. But you will have to be patient and wait until the mattress is fully expanded.

A memory foam mattress is made of foam layers designed to give you a comfortable night’s rest. Memory foam mattresses are usually made of three different types of foam: viscoelastic, polyurethane, and latex. These foams are all designed to provide comfort and support. A memory foam mattress is not like other types of mattresses because it does not compress when you lay down on it. Instead, it

Most mattresses available in today’s market take just a short amount of time to decompress, so you can sleep on them immediately after their unboxing process. So do not worry about sleeping on a mattress before the recommended waiting time.

It would not harm the memory foam if you slept on it the first night you received it.

If your mattress is made with high-quality memory foam, it will expand faster and within 24 hours.

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