Saatva vs Ghostbed Comparison 2023

Saatva vs Ghostbed

When on the market for a new mattress, it’s good to take a look at different models. In this Saatva vs Ghostbed mattress comparison, we’ll closely examine these two popular beds.

Both Saatva and Ghostbed are high-quality beds, the two best-selling online direct mattresses. It is tough to say which is better because it depends on your preferences and needs. Before a more detailed comparison, let’s first look at the mattress basics.

GhostBed Design Overview

GhostBed foam mattresses have three layers of foam that total 11 inches in thickness. Here is a quick breakdown of each layer.

7.5″ High-Density Foam – the foundation for the mattress.

2″ Gel Memory Foam – serves as a transitional layer in the bed.

1.5″ Aerated Latex Foam – the comfort latex layer for the mattress.

As you can see from our photo of the GhostBed mattress, the design looks fairly basic, but we’d like to point out a couple of things.

To start with, the mattress does not have any natural or organic latex. The material is synthetic latex.

We suggest that eco-conscious consumers check out our guide to the best natural and organic mattresses. Next, let us point out that it’s fairly unusual for a mattress to use both memory foam and latex foam. Only a few mattresses follow this design. This is a good combination, in our opinion. We get the best of both worlds. Memory foam provides deep pressure relief, while latex foam provides a supportive, responsive sleeping surface.

Feel And Firmness Analysis

Saatva firmness analysis

Considering its design, you might expect the GhostBed mattress to have a mixed foam feel. I don’t think it feels like a memory foam mattress, neither does it feel like a pure latex foam mattress. The feel of the mattress is somewhere in the middle.

This bed is soft and pressure-relieving, but it is also responsive. We like to call it a neutral memory foam bed.

GhostBed mattress has a comfortable, foam-like feel. For the record, we think neutral-foam mattresses are a safe choice. They seem to be found to be comfortable and accommodating by most consumers.

GhostBed mattresses are also quite accommodating in terms of firmness. The mattress is neither too soft nor too firm. We’d say it lands somewhere in the middle.

But firmness is a subjective concept. A lot depends on your height, weight, and body type. For example, a person with a heavier frame would likely consider the bed softer, whereas a person with a lighter frame may consider it firmer.

Accommodating For All Types Of Sleepers

The GhostBed mattress is designed to satisfy a wide range of sleepers. It offers a comfortable sleep with the right combination of support and pressure relief.

It does not matter if you prefer to sleep on your side, back, or stomach most of the night – the GhostBed mattress is a good choice for all sleepers. Comfortable in any sleeping position.

GhostBed vs Saatva: Warranty and Trial

Ghostbed mattess

GhostBed vs Saatva: Warranty and Trial


  • Saatva: Saatva offers a lifetime warranty for their mattresses, ensuring long-term confidence in your purchase.
  • GhostBed: GhostBed provides a 15-year warranty, a substantial period that reflects the quality and durability of their products.

Trial Period

GhostBed vs Saatva: A Comparison Table

Warranty15 yearsLifetime
Trial Period101 days (30-day minimum)365 nights ($99 shipping fee)
Twin XL$1095.00$1395.00
California King$1720.00$2495.00
Split King$2190.00 (Two 38″ x 80″ pieces)$2790.00 (Two 38″ x 80″ pieces)
The prices refer to Saatva Classic Luxury Firm and Ghostbed Classic


Both GhostBed and Saatva offer compelling options for those in the market for a new mattress. GhostBed’s shorter warranty and trial period are balanced by its generally lower pricing, while Saatva’s lifetime warranty and extended trial period reflect a commitment to customer satisfaction.

The choice between these two brands will likely come from individual preferences, such as firmness, construction, and budget considerations. By understanding the warranty, trial period, and pricing for both GhostBed and Saatva, you can make an informed decision that best suits your needs and ensures a comfortable night’s sleep for years.

GhostBed mattress is positioned more in the mainstream mattress segment, while Saatva is more in the luxury category. Accordingly, the GhostBed mattress is less expensive than the Saatva mattress. For comparison, a Queen size GhostBed mattress sells for around $1,395 compared to a Saatva mattress selling for $1,995.

Price discrepancies are, however, often greater than those mentioned above. GhostBed has a reputation for being more aggressive with its sales and promotions.

You usually expect to receive $100-$200 off a GhostBed mattress. 

Similarities Between The Saatva And GhostBed

Both use Memory Foam

If you’re looking for a memory foam mattress, these two are the best in terms of quality memory foam at an affordable price. Memory foam offers excellent contouring ability, is resistant to motion transfer, and gives good value for money when they are on sale.

Both use Latex Foam

Latex is excellent at regulating temperature, offers good bounce and support, and can be somewhat hypoallergenic due to its natural properties. Once again, both the Saatva and Ghostbed use latex in their mattresses so they are in a similar price range for this material.

Both cost about $1,000

The Ghostbed and Saatva mattresses are inexpensive when on sale but priced higher than the average mattress online. However, you get more for your money if you compare them to other competitors in their price range.

  • They are both 12 inches tall
  • This is one area where they differ from each other slightly.
  • The Saatva is about an inch thicker than the Ghostbed.
  • They both come with white glove delivery and removal service 
  • Delivery and removal are included in the price of both mattresses.
  • They are both luxury hybrid brands 

Both brands have a lot of satisfied consumers and offer a very long free trial, which is one area where they differ from other online mattress stores.

Key Differences Between The Saatva Mattress And GhostBed Mattress

The construction of these mattresses makes the biggest difference between them. Here’s what you should know.

Saatva mattress has coils inside and a pillowtop, while Ghostbed contains an innerspring core, a memory foam layer, and polyfoam underneath.

The Saatva Classic comes with various firmness-level options, whereas the Ghostbed has just one.

Both beds aren’t good picks for side sleepers.

Inside The Saatva Mattress

Inside Saatva Mattress

Saatva is a high-quality, durable mattress with a total thickness of 11.5 inches. This bed has two layers of coils and memory foam, along with a quilted euro pillow top.

Saatva’s mattress is made up of three layers. Besides its overall design, there are two specific features that we want to highlight.

First of all, Saatva mattresses are one of the few on the market with two separate layers of coils. As a result, it provides a secure foundation and supports sleepers of all sizes.

Next, we should mention that the organic cotton cover is placed on the euro pillow top. It creates a natural sleeping surface with a pleasant scent and appearance.

What The Saatva Mattress Feels Like

The thick euro pillow tops give the Saatva mattresses a soft, plush feeling throughout their entire surface. It supports the body by providing comfort and relief from pressure points.

Three Firmness Options

Another aspect of beds like Saatva models that are available in different firmness levels is that most consumers will be able to find one that fits their specific sleeping needs.

For the Saatva mattress, you can choose from 3 different firmness options – plush soft, relaxed firm, and firm.

As far as which Saatva mattress is best for you, it depends on whether you sleep on your back, side, stomach, etc.

For side sleepers, we recommend the plush soft Saatva mattress; for back and stomach sleep­ers, the luxury firm Saatva model; and for people who want an extra firm mattress or require additional lumbar support, the firm Saatva bed.

Body Weight: More Ideal For Heavy People

Compared to the original GhostBed mattress, the Saatva mattress has superior features for supporting heavier individuals. In addition to a 13-gauge steel coil spring system, the mattress has individually wrapped 14.5-gauge coils for extra support.

Saatva is perfect for big guys. Coils provide more support than dense memory foam foundations for those new to Mattress Buzz.

Since heavy people exert more force on mattresses than small and medium-sized individuals, hybrid mattresses are better for larger individuals. In fairness, we think the GhostBed Flex will work just as well for heavy people since it contains pocketed coils.


Body heat will finally not be an issue anymore while you sleep on any of those mattresses. The coil-on-coil design of the Saatava mattress allows for lots of airflows so that the heat accumulated from the memory foam is released quickly.

As a result, the problem of overheating during use has been largely eliminated. Furthermore, the breathable cotton cover transfers heat rapidly from the surface to the lower layers.

However, the memory foam retains some heat over time, so the Saatva has slightly lower breathability than average. Even so, I would expect it to be more breathable than the all-foam Ghostbed (despite the latter being more breathable than average compared to its direct competition).

As a result of its upper viscoelastic layers and pocketed coils, the Saatva is able to muffle out most impacts. This means that you won’t disturb your partner (or vice versa) due to movements in your sleep, unlike traditional innerspring mattresses, where even the slightest movement can be felt.

Ghostbed Flex vs Saatva Summary

The GhostBed Flex is a great mattress. It is on the softer side, and it sleeps very coolly. The bed has a soft top layer of foam that’s contoured to support your bodyweight evenly.

According to its design, it looks more like a Saatva mattress than an Original GhostBed. We figured it would be a good idea to add a space where we could show how the flexibility of the mattress compares to that of a Saatva mattress.

Until we can compare the Flex side by side with a Saatva mattress, here’s what you can expect.

Saatva is also a soft mattress that sleeps very cool. It doesn’t have any foam on top but plenty of coils and “dough” (not really dough) materials inside its cover. The mattress is also very bouncy. It doesn’t have much motion transfer, but you will still feel your partner moving around in the night.

Verdict Saatva vs GhostBed Comparison

We hope you found this Saatva vs Ghostbed comparison helpful. Here are the main points to consider if you are still undecided about which mattress to buy.

Budget – If price is one of your primary concerns, the Original GhostBed mattress is the more affordable choice before and after discounts. By going with GhostBed, you’re likely to save $300-400 (based on queen size).

Feel Preference – your decision here ultimately boils down to what you prefer. If you prefer a traditional pillow-top bed, then Saatva is for you. GhostBed is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a soft, comfortable mattress.

Mattress Type – This again comes down to what you need. Original GhostBed is an inexpensive bed-in-a-box with a fairly simple three-layer foam design. The Saatva mattress falls into the premium or luxury segment of the market. The bed is thick and durable, with multiple layers of coils for support.

Options – Three different Saatva mattresses range from medium to firm. There is only one firmness option for the GhostBed mattress (medium).

Weight-As a rule, if you weigh 250 pounds or more, we recommend either the Saatva mattress or GhostBed Flex, since these beds feature coils as their support structure.

Saatva vs Ghostbed Customers Reviews

Saatva’s Owner Satisfaction

Overall, customers are delighted with these mattresses, which means that these mattresses have high percentages of positive customer feedback based on recent and overall customer feedback. This is a good way to determine if a brand will work for you.

Ghostbed’s Owner Satisfaction

You can use customer reviews to develop a more targeted list of potential mattresses for your home. Customers rate these mattresses very well, but a select few have complained. 

Saatva vs Ghostbed Final Thoughts

If you are a fan of memory foam mattresses or latex mattresses, you will find the best of both worlds while you sleep on a Saatva Mattress or a Ghostbed Mattress.

If you’re looking for a high-quality bed at an affordable price, either of these mattresses is perfect!

Regarding your mattress, don’t make the mistake of settling for what’s cheaper.

A good night’s sleep is worth more than any amount of money and neither Saatva nor Ghostbed will disappoint when it comes to comfort.

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