Saatva Mattress Negative Reviews

Saatva mattress negative reviews

Since its launch in 2010, Saatva has made a name for itself in the mattress industry as an online mattress retailer. Mattresses are available in three levels of firmness: plush soft, luxury firm, and firm. They are marketed as luxury beds at a mid-range price ($1000 or less).

Saatva’s success has been largely attributed to its online reviews, which form the core of its marketing campaign. 

An important selling point is that the company boasts over 7000 positive reviews online, boasting an approval rating of 95%. There are, however, Saatva Mattress negative reviews as well.

This article will look at some of the problems users have experienced while using Saatva mattresses. 

There are issues related to the mattress’s comfort, misleading claims about its materials, and inaccurate marketing strategies.


Despite Saatva’s claims to make mattresses that provide a comfortable sleep, some buyers have complained about the firmness. 

The firmness of a mattress is crucial to comfort, and different individuals require different levels of give in the bedding depending on their backs and joints.

Saatva’s mattresses have been criticized for their inconsistent firmness. Several buyers have complained about excessively hard mattresses, claiming that the plush soft level is extremely difficult to move. It is a serious problem for people who suffer from chronic back pain or who sleep on their sides.

Additionally, other buyers have reported that sagging body impressions appear in the mattresses after a short period of use.

Again, people who prefer a firmer mattress may have trouble sleeping. As a result, buyers should not rely on advertised comfort levels since some units arrive too firm while others are not firm enough.

Additionally, Saatva suggests purchasing a pillow top when customers raise these issues. This poses a problem for customers, but the extra layer can cause them to overheat.

Motion Transfer

The level of motion transfer is another critical feature of a mattress that contributes to comfort. The person on the other side of the bed won’t feel the movement on the other side of the bed if it is low motion transfer.

Saatva beds lack motion isolation, according to some buyers. The movement of your partner while you sleep can cause sleepless nights. 

Pets moving on a bed have even been reported to interfere with sleep for some people. 

Mattresses that compete with high-end products shouldn’t have this problem. If firmness is not a problem, a poor motion transfer can cause restless nights.

Eco-Friendly Materials

The eco-friendly materials used to make these mattresses are one of their most desirable features. Especially if you are looking for a mattress for children, this is an important feature for those concerned about harmful chemicals in bedding.

Saatva claims that these mattresses are primarily made of plant-based, renewable materials, but the actual amount of eco-friendly material is only about 30%.

This information is listed on the company’s website, but it is misleading. Those buyers who find this claim attractive are disappointed to discover that the mattresses contain 70% petroleum products.

So, mattresses can be too firm, have excessive motion transfer, and contain far more chemicals than advertised. The problem has to do with both the bedding materials and the marketing strategies.

Customer Service and Marketing

Saatva’s marketing problems go beyond merely overstating their products’ percentage of eco-friendly materials. Consumers who have bought and tested mattresses often complain that the company skews reviews to advertise a higher approval rating than they deserve.

Customers claim that Saatva sales representatives pressured them to write positive reviews even before the products were delivered. Many reviews have confirmed that overwhelmingly positive reviews are inaccurate representations of the real experience. Nonetheless, even well-made products have shortcomings, so these abundant positive reviews are likely exaggerated.


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There is no perfect product, and the Saatva mattress line is no exception. Over 7000 positive online reviews are the main selling point of these beds. Still, looking at the critical reviews suggests that these numbers are exaggerated or that individuals post glowing reviews without having slept on the beds.

Additionally, the mattresses may not provide the quality of sleep expected from an item with such high ratings.

Buyers have complained about mattress firmness, with many finding that even the softest level is too firm. The coil-on-coil construction also creates sagging body impressions despite claims of excellent performance.

Last but not least, the beds have been known to lack motion isolation, meaning the person on one side may be disturbed by the movement of the other. Comfort and sleep quality are affected by these factors, which is why the best mattresses are so important.

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