Saatva 11.5 vs 14.5 Which One Should You Buy

Saatva 11.5 vs 14.5

What are the differences between Saatva 11.5 vs 14.5? In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about it.

Essentially the only difference between the Saatva 11.5 vs 14.5 is in the coils. The coils inside the 14.5 are 2 inches higher. Anything else is precisely the same.

The mattresses are built the same way, so you can be sure that the feel is the same and the price does not change.

How to choose the right height for you?

There are other factors you should consider; once you know these, making a more informed decision will be easier. As part of our research on this topic, we contacted the company to ask about the height difference and the reasons that make one size more desirable. The following is a summary of the information we collected.

  • Both the 11.5″ and 14.5 are constructed in the same way. Both have a layer of memory foam and a premium dual coil system. Both are available in three levels of firmness. Saatva is not a mattress that comes in a box.
  • The brand offers additional premium services like complimentary white glove delivery and a generous sleep trial period of 360 nights. It also comes with a 15-year warranty. These extra benefits are hard to beat.

Here are some primary reasons for choosing one over the other:

Saatva 11.5Saatva 14.5
Saatva 11.5 vs 14.5 DifferencesSaatva 11.5 vs 14.5 Differences
Good For :Good For :
 Adjustable Bases
Sheets Without Deep Pockets
If You Want A Shorter Mattress
Box Spring Or Platform Bases
Sheets With Deep Pockets
Luxury Height Mattress

 The Saatva 11.5″ Is A Good Choice For You:

  • If you want an adjustable base for your bed. What is the reason for this? 
  • This is because the 11.5″ mattress adjusts to the base more easily when changing your head or foot position.
  • An 11.5′′ mattress will fit your standard sheets better than a 14.5′′ mattress if you are concerned that they will not. Due to its extra height, the 14.5′′ mattress is considered a luxury mattress. It is quite desirable for many people. Standard sheets will not have deep pockets for such a mattress. Sheets with deeper pockets will be required for this higher mattress.
  •  If you do not want a mattress that is too high.

The Saatva 14.5″ Mattress Is A Good Choice For You:

  • If you have a box spring or standard platform as your base, the 11.5′′ option will work for you. However, if you prefer your mattress to sit on an adjustable base, the 11.5′′ option would be better for you. Despite this, the 14.5′′ bed is a better choice if you are not planning to move your bed.
  • A mattress with handles is only available in a 14.5′′ model. The handles aren’t for lifting but are more for pushing the bed into the correct position. To lift the mattress, you need to lift it from the bottom rather than pulling it by the handles. You would raise both mattress sizes in the same way.
  • You prefer luxury mattresses that are higher in height.

Combining Firmness Levels and Height Options

The firmness level you choose can work in conjunction with the height of the mattress to provide the optimal sleep experience. Here’s how:

  • Plush Soft: If you prefer a softer mattress and are also considering the taller 14.5-inch option, you’ll get a bed that not only contours your body but also provides a luxurious, high-profile look. If you’re a side sleeper, the extra height can make getting in and out of bed easier.
  • Luxury Firm: This firmness level works well with either height option. If you choose the 11.5-inch height, you’ll get a balanced feel with a lower profile, which can be easier to move and fit with standard sheets. The 14.5-inch height offers the same balanced feel but a more luxurious appearance.
  • Firm: If you prefer a firm mattress and choose the 14.5-inch height, you’ll get a high-profile, supportive bed that’s ideal for stomach and back sleepers. The 11.5-inch height with a firm feel offers the same level of support but with a lower profile, which can be easier to manage and may fit better with standard sheets.

Remember, the best combination of firmness level and height depends on your sleep preferences, body type, and any specific physical needs or issues. It’s always a good idea to consult with a sleep expert or medical professional if you have specific concerns or questions.


Whenever I write a blog article, I end it with a personal recommendation. I think I’m pretty good at picking excellent bed stuff, so here’s my choice between Saatva 11.5 and 14.5:

I would undoubtedly choose the 11.5! I have an adjustable base, and the 11.5-inch Saatva mattress is the only compatible option. I also would like to suggest you have a look at our Saatva Classic review and get more info about this mattress.

Saatva offers a massive lifetime warranty on their mattresses. As usual, I suggest you look at their warranty-specific page to read everything you need to know In case you prefer a higher mattress, the 14.5 model is 3 inches taller, so you won’t be disappointed!

If you’re unsure what firmness to get, you have three options from Saatva. I’d recommend the middle option, the luxury firm, as it will have the best balance between softness and support, the “perfect” support most of us are looking for.

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