Nolah Limited Edition 10″ Mattress Review

Nolah Limited 10" Edition Mattress

Love memory foam but hate it when it sags after just a few years? Nolah mattresses are proven to last longer. They created the Nolah Limited Edition mattresses to give you the same quality as the original Nolah mattresses for less money.

Nolah was tested against other, even the highest quality Memory Foam™ mattresses to see how it compared to the durability of the Nolah Air Foam™.

It was rigorously tested against the industry-standard ASTM Constant Force Pounding Dynamic Test.


This is a test in which a robotic arm strikes the target foam 70 times per minute for a total of 100,000 cycles, predicting how much support and thickness is lost over time.

Nolah mattress foam has been tested and found to be even more durable when compared to even the best quality memory foam. Over 2600% less thickness loss!

That means less sagging and longer life. I can’t test this, but they claim a Casper or Leesa mattress will last about 5 or 6 years. But a Nolah, they say, will last ten years.

Nolah Limited Edition 10″ Mattress Test and Review

Nolah Mattress

We tested a queen-size 10″ LIMITED EDITION Nolah Mattress. It was sent to me for testing. I’ll tell you how buying the limited edition and something else can save you a total of about $200 on this mattress. That’s pretty significant.

There is only one difference between the 10″ Limited Edition and its original: it has a simpler cover and it’s cheaper. You save $102 right off the bat by not getting the more elaborate cover.

The Limited Edition mattresses are the same mattress, but instead of the thicker cover with their brown thicker bottom and white top, you get a plain all-white cover.

Nolah Mattress Layers

This is basically a 3 layer mattress. The cover is plain white and can be removed, but the company says to spot treat it. Our recommendation is to purchase a waterproof mattress protector. You can also get a 12″ version. But the 10″ Nolah mattress has:

2″ of Cooling Nolah AirFoamTM. AirFoamTM has excellent pressure relief, should keep you cool, and conforms perfectly to your body, without trapping it inside the mattress, as it does in memory foam.

1″ Deep Supportive High-Resilience Foam support layer provides healthy and responsive springing so you can sleep through the night.

7″ High-Density Base Foam made of the best USA-made, high-density, breathable base foam that reinforces the support and contouring of the top layers. It is durable and guaranteed to last for years.

The limited-edition 10″ Nolah mattress weighs 70 lbs – the same as the original 10″. Again, it’s the same mattress inside. And one way to tell the quality is the weight of the mattress. You want to see over 50 lbs on a queen.

So that’s right where it should be, based on the competitors in this area that you’ve probably heard of.

This mattress is a bit softer than other mattresses in this price range. It is what I would call medium soft, while many others are medium soft.

You have 120 days to try the mattress, and if you are not satisfied, you can return it for a full refund.

WARRANTY 15 years

Sleeps cooler than most memory foams

Nolah Mattress Review Video

Nolah Mattress Price

It is true that the price of the Nolah mattress is higher than average, but it isn’t much more than you would expect. But if you forgo the sleep trial, meaning you don’t return the mattress, you’ll save $92 on a queen size. That leaves a queen-size mattress at a very reasonable $672 at the time of writing this review. You’ll find this option in the accessories you can add to your order, such as a mattress cover (which I think you should always buy) or pillows.

No matter what you choose, you will receive 2 FREE pillows when you purchase any Queen or King size Nolah mattress. These are promotional pillows made from shredded foam and are not for sale on the website.

Who is this mattress best for?

I would buy this mattress if I were a lighter sleeper. If you are heavier, it may not provide enough support. You will need the 12″ or lower.

This mattress is also ideal for someone who doesn’t want their mattress to sink into them as deeply as traditional memory foam.

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