Naturepedic Mattress Review

Understanding Naturepedic a little more before we discuss their mattresses is important to us, as their company’s history is not what you may expect from a typical bed-in-a-box company. Founded almost two decades ago by an environmental engineer, the company’s primary focus is to manufacture the healthiest and safest mattresses on the market.

At Naturepedic, they believe a healthy night’s sleep is an essential part of living a happier, healthier life. That’s why they are so passionate about offering a range of organic mattresses, each designed to provide you with the comfort and support you need for a great night’s sleep.

Naturepedic Luxury Organic Mattress

Naturepedic Company Policies

If you order the Naturepedic Serenade or most other mattresses from Naturepedic, it will ship to you roll packed into a box that is the perfect size to fit through your front door. Like a lot of other beds that ship this way, it makes set up relatively easy (and honestly kind of fun).

Latex hybrids like the Naturepedic Serenade can be pretty darn heavy, though, so it’s definitely a good idea to have someone with you to facilitate the process.

A shipping box is a typical option in the online bedding industry at this moment, and Naturepedic has followed suit by offering free shipping and a totally free return for all of its products. Additionally, Naturepedic offers a 90-day window to test your new bed for a prolonged period of time before deciding whether or not you want to keep it.

The company requires that you test the mattress for at least 30 nights before inquiring about returning it, so you can give your body enough time to get used to the new feel.

While the risk-free trial period comes standard with Naturepedic, the company goes a step further with an extra-long warranty. Naturepedic offers a 20-year warranty on its mattresses, which certainly speaks to its belief in its products’ quality and reliability.

Pricing Section

Naturepedic organic mattresses are made only with natural organic materials. This increases the price tag, but no one would be surprised by this fact, as they know that Naturepedic organic mattresses have been made without cheap ingredients or chemicals. This ensures that their mattress is free of any toxic things you may not want in your mattress.

We always look for the best deals out there for consumers to make their new mattress as affordable as possible. If we can find discounts for Naturepedic, they will show up in that little green box on your screen. You can also check out our deals page for other discounts, or keep an eye on Naturepedic’s website to see if you can snag any special holiday deals or promotions.

Construction and Materials

As a 100% organic mattress, the main selling point of the Naturepedic Serenade is what is inside of it rather than simply what is on the surface. The bed is a latex hybrid design, which is a common style among natural and organic brands. The certifications that come with every piece of material within the mattress are really what makes Naturepedic unique.

Let’s take a look at the layers within the Serenade.

The support system of the Naturepedic mattress is created by 8” pocketed steel coils which are wrapped in GOTS certified cotton. Each coil was sewn to another coil using Naturepedic’s unique equipment, which is pretty uncommon to see within the online mattress industry. This proprietary system eliminates the presence of any adhesives or harmful chemicals.

Over the coil system comes a 2″ layer of GOLS certified Dunlop latex foam. Latex is a widely used material in natural mattresses – it’s actually derived from the sap of rubber trees – and we’ve tested a lot of really great latex mattresses. Through a process of whipping and baking the sap (yes, just like baking a cake), latex foam gets its distinctive airy and springy texture.

Organic latex, such as the Dunlop latex used by Naturepedic is produced without any chemical additives and is naturally antimicrobial, keeping all of those bothersome dust mites out of your mattress and out of your sinuses. In fact, Naturepedic’s mattresses, both those that contain latex and those that do not, are recommended by the AllergyKids Foundation.

Naturepedic Mattress Construction

In addition to the comfort layer, Naturepedic also uses a thin layer of PLA, or polylactide polymer, for added comfort. Although PLA sounds like a scary chemical-based product, precisely the kind of product Naturepedic swears by in its mattresses, it’s a pretty cool plant-based alternative.

Naturepedic also uses GOTS certified organic wool in its comfort layer. Not only is wool soft and comfortable, but it also has a uniquely versatile texture that holds its shape well and helps keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Wool is also a natural fire barrier, allowing Naturepedic not to use chemical flame retardants and still meet government flammability standards.

Organic Cotton Cover

The entire mattress is wrapped in a soft and durable cream-colored cover made from GOTS organic cotton from Texas. The cover helps keep the mattress breathable and comfortable and is a supple and stretchy material that moves with your body, just like the other layers of the mattress.

The cover is not removable like a Puffy mattress, but it can be easily cleaned with a little warm water and a mild detergent. If you’re particular about keeping your mattress clean, Naturepedic offers an organic, waterproof protective topper that should help alleviate spills when the kids are potty-trained or Wednesday wine gets a little too wild. If you decide to use a mattress protector, keep in mind that it may change the feel of the mattress a bit and impede air circulation, so you may not get all the benefits of the mattress and its natural materials.

Naturepedic Mattress

With natural and organic mattresses, we talk a lot about organic cotton covers. They are breathable, durable, and usually have a pleasant and earthy odor in comparison to the offgassing of non-natural mattresses when first unpacked.

Certification and Sustainability

Another reason that environmentally conscious shoppers may be interested in Naturepedic mattresses is that the manufacturer’s advertisement of it as a natural and organic option is actually very strongly supported by several certifications.

In addition to the certification mentioned earlier, the Serenade mattress is also Greenguard Gold certified by UL Environment, which means that Naturepedic manufactures their mattress with very low exposure to chemicals and pollutants. As a result, their manufacturing process produces very low emissions.

All of the layers inside the bed are inspected and assembled at Naturepedic’s factory in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, by a skilled Amish craftsmen team. Naturepedic has a factory and products that are certified MadeSafe, which means they are free from chemical exposure or unsafe manufacturing practices, making them healthy and safe for manufacturers and consumers. Additionally, Naturepedic adheres to business practices that focus on the needs of their employees, communities, consumers, and the environment.

Anything within the mattress that can be certified organic, chemical-free, and non-GMO has been. Naturepedic also strives to promote sustainability efforts that give back to the environment. Through a partnership with 1% for the planet, Naturepedic donates 1% of its corporate profits to sustainability programs. The company is also a member of a number of organizations that promote natural and organic practices.

For a full list of certifications and sustainability efforts, visit the Naturepedic website.

Feel and Firmness of Naturepedic Mattress

Now that you know what’s under the surface of the Naturepedic Serenade, let’s talk about how it feels. It is a lot like other latex hybrid mattresses in terms of firmness and responsiveness, but the layer of cushion on top is a nice touch. The coils give the mattress a lot of comfortable support, and the latex layer provides responsive support that feels both firm and soft.

We tested the cushion firm version of the mattress and rated it about medium-firm on our firmness scale. We suspect that the mattress’s firm model would be around the “really firm” range on the scale and would be particularly suitable for back and stomach sleepers who like a firm and supportive mattress.

Naturepedic Firmness Scale

The cushion firm option is great because it gives a lot of support and feels firm, so you don’t sink into this mattress like you would from a memory foam mattress. The cushiony topper is still supportive and cradles pressure points well. It’s easy to snuggle into.

Stomach and Back Sleepers

Naturepedic is an excellent mattress for stomach and back sleepers. If you sleep on your back or stomach, a firmer mattress is always recommended because it provides the right amount of support when you sleep flat. The Serenade does not allow your hips to sag, causing uncomfortable lower back pain from a too-soft mattress.

We also really like that even though this mattress has a good firmness level, it still has a padded top, which is especially good for stomach sleepers who need support but also want enough padding so their more sensitive body parts don’t get sore.

What About Side Sleepers

It’s a little harder to make a decision here. Some side sleepers might be perfectly happy with the firmness level of this mattress (although if you’re a side sleeper, I’d recommend going for the cushion firm rather than the firm profile). But if you’re a petite to medium side sleeper, you might think it’s too firm. Generally, side sleepers need a softer mattress to cushion their pressure points when they lie on their side all night.

Naturepedic might be suitable for heavier side sleepers like Dillon but could be too firm for others.

Combination sleepers should do well on this mattress unless you spend most of your time on your side, in which case it’s probably a good idea to look for a softer mattress.

If you are a combination sleeper and move around a lot while you sleep, latex mattresses are a good choice as they bounce back quickly and won’t disturb your sleep as they adjust to your body position.

Good For Heavier People?

Yes. We think the support and durability provided by the Serenade’s latex hybrid construction makes it a great option for heavier people. Beds with springs or coils are good for people who need a bed that supports them a bit more than an all-foam mattress. Since this bed is relatively firm, it doesn’t feel too soft even for people who weigh more than 250 pounds.

People of all shapes and sizes should be able to get comfortable on this mattress. It provides enough support for all body types while still having a soft surface. Again, people who are petite and sleep mostly on their sides should be a little wary, as this mattress might feel a little too firm.

Will Naturepedic Sleep Hot?

Cover kickers can rejoice because this mattress shouldn’t make you overheat at night. It sleeps temperature neutral, meaning it regulates hot and cold air very well. The construction allows for plenty of airflow because the coils allow for better airflow and the latex foam is porous. The organic cotton, wool, and PLA used in the comfort layers are also good at regulating temperature and wicking moisture, so you won’t feel too sweaty even if you’re hot at night.

However, this mattress does not have any properties that actively cool you down. So if you’re a particularly hot sleeper and want something like this, check out our list of the best cooling mattresses.

Is It Good for Couples

If you plan on sleeping with your partner or child, or even your cats (we don’t judge), you should always take a few things into account.

In terms of edge support, which refers to the mattress’s ability to provide enough spine and back support, the Serenade mattress does its job pretty well. Thanks to the solid coil design, there’s little chance that you’ll feel like you’re rolling out of bed.

If your partner (or cats) is a particularly active sleeper, you might feel a little motion transfer with this bed. Naturepedic goes to great lengths to limit motion transfer with pocketed coils and luxurious comfort layers, but latex is naturally bouncy and responsive, so there will still be some motion transferred from one side of the bed to the other.

Honestly, this is pretty average, so it’s nothing to worry about unless you’re sleeping next to the world’s most active sleeper. Nothing particularly alarming or encouraging here – the bed is fine in terms of motion isolation.

Last But Not Least

Essentially, Naturepedic’s Serenade mattress is a solid contender in the natural and organic mattress space. It has a supportive yet comfortable feel and similar construction to the Happsy Mattress and Birch Mattress. Naturepedic’s environmentally conscious values and efforts to avoid unnatural and unhealthy chemicals make their beds a good option for health-conscious people and value quality craftsmanship.

The price of the Serenade is quite high, but we wouldn’t rule Naturepedic out completely. If you recognize the value of an environmentally conscious, natural, and toxin-free mattress, we’d say this mattress is one of the safest to lay your head-on.

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