Ghostbed RV Mattress Review

The Ghost RV mattress is one of the best mattresses for travelers because it promises a feeling of luxury and comfortable sleeping. And considering that you are spending time in an RV, away from home, this mattress is a gift from heaven.

Ghostbed RV Mattress Review

The Ghostbed RV is one of the mattresses produced by Nature’s Sleep, and it is an attempt by the brand to create the perfect yet affordable mattress for the adventurous person. In fact, the Ghostbed RV mattress is said to be so good that you feel like you are sleeping in a 5-star hotel. It offers impressive pressure relief and adequate spinal alignment.

With the price this mattress is going for, all these sound too good to be true, so we have taken the liberty of writing this review to check if it is as good as it said to be. This review will critically look at the Ghostbed RV mattress. We will look at some of the things we like and some things we feel could be better.

The Ghostbed RV Mattress: An Overview

The Ghostbed RV mattress is a mixed-foam mattress comprising different layers of foam and latex. It has four distinct layers, and you can choose from three different sizes based on the size of your RV.

The comfort system is made up of two layers. A layer of synthetic latex is at the very top, and it gives bounce to the mattress. Because latex tends to retain heat, this layer is aerated for easy heat dissipation. This mattress also boasts a layer of memory foam. Most people might consider this a bad idea as memory foam tends to retain heat, but the memory foam used in the Ghostbed RV Mattress is unique (we will talk about this later in the review). All you have to know is that the craftsmanship of the Ghostbed RV mattress supports a cool night’s sleep. The memory foam also aids in contouring.

The support core is polyfoam and aids maximum support and spinal alignment. The cover is made with polyester and viscose and feels very soft when lying on it, and it is stretchy and easily conforms to your body. Most people are likely to enjoy sleeping on the Ghostbed RV Mattress.

Now that we have a short overview of what the mattress feels like let’s take a deeper look at how it is crafted. 

The Construction of The Ghost Bed RV Mattress

Ghostbed RV contruction

Let’s unwrap the Ghostbed RV and see what makes it an excellent choice. We will take each layer and see how they add or take away from the mattress’s performance.


The cover of the Ghostbed RV is soft and stretchy because it is made with a blend of polyester and viscose. It feels soft to the feel and easily conforms to your body. But this mattress also does an excellent job of reducing heat retention. The polyester-viscose blend is very breathable, but the makers of this mattress went an extra mile and infused a cooling gel into this cover, so you are assured of a good night’s sleep, no matter how hot your day was.

Comfort Layers

The comfort layers consist of layers of latex and memory foam. Under the cover is a 1.5-inch aerated latex foam layer. This layer is aerated to prevent heat retention. While this latex foam is synthetic and might not appeal to the eco-friendly market, it does its job perfectly. It is responsive and keeps the mattress perfectly ventilated, keeping you cool all night.

Just below this area is a layer of 2-inch memory foam. This memory foam is infused with gel and has larger cells to maximize aeration. It reduces night sweats and the stickiness it brings with it. The memory foam also does an above-average job at contouring and pressure relief. And because the memory foam is beneath the latex layer, the mattress is more sturdy and doesn’t allow for sinkage.

Support System

The support system is a 5.5-inch high-density polyfoam. The polyfoam ensures that the mattress is firm and sturdy. It provides support for all the softer layers above it, and because it takes up most of the mattress composition, it is responsible for the firmness you get when you lay on the mattress.

All these layers add to the 11-inch tall comfortable mattress that is the Ghostbed RV.

Ghostbed RV Specs

It’s time to take the mattress for a spin. We will look at the materials used in the mattress, and we will see how it ranks performance-wise. 

  1. Materials

As we have mentioned before, the Ghostbed RV is a latex-foam mattress, and it consists of layers of latex, memory foam, and polyfoam.

The cover is made of a polyester and viscose blend that promotes breathability. This is followed by a comfort system that consists of synthetic latex and memory foam. This comfort system provides maximum comfort and prevents heat retention with the top.

This is followed by the support system, which is the base and is entirely made up of polyfoam. The sturdy polyfoam provides support and prevents sinkage, and it also contributes the most to the firmness of the mattress. 

  1. Firmness and Feel

A mattress review is not complete if we do not talk about the firmness and feel of the mattress. How a mattress feels is the number one factor people consider when getting a mattress.

How firm is the Ghostbed RV? On the firmness scale, this mattress sits at a comfortable 6. This is a perfect firmness level for most people, and it is also a lot firmer than what you would get from your typical foam mattresses. The Ghostbed RV has a bit of bounce and is perfect for campers who want comfort and sturdiness.

It is firm enough to provide adequate support for back sleepers without taking away from the contouring. The firmness is also sufficient to provide side sleepers with the right amount of support so that they do not sink in too deeply when using the mattress.

  1. Motion Isolation

Sleepers do not have to worry about motion transfer using the Ghostbed RV mattress. Like most foam-based mattresses, the Ghostbed RV mattress reduces motion transfer, so if you are camping out with your partner, you do not have to worry about waking them up when you move.

The latex layer does its bit in promoting motion isolation, but the memory foam layer does the bulk of the work. Memory foam has powerful motion isolation properties. Together with the latex layer, it places the Ghostbed RV on top of many foam mattresses when it comes to motion isolation.

  1. Edge Support

Unfortunately, the edges of the Ghostbed RV are not sturdy enough to provide quality edge support. The edges are prone to sinkage, especially when you sit or lie on them, and it reduces the usable surface area of the mattress and makes the perimeter unstable. This is not an isolated problem because most foam mattresses also have edge support that is not up to par.

Bear in mind that the Ghostbed RV has a medium-firm feel, which means it is a lot firmer than your typical foam mattresses. So if you are a lightweight sleeper, your Ghostbed RV mattress has enough sturdiness at the perimeter for a secure sleeping experience.

  1. Off-Gassing

The Ghostbed RV mattress has a bit of off-gassing, and this is due to a few factors. The mattress is made from synthetic foams, known to emit volatile substances that tend to hold a particularly unpleasant odor. They also tend to hold on to manufacturing odors that do not get the chance to escape because the Ghostbed RV is a boxed mattress. All these contribute to the little off-gassing you might get from your mattress.

While these odors are not harmful, most people can’t stand them. To prevent this, you can air out your mattress before use. It usually takes from a few hours to a few days to completely air out your mattress, depending on how long the mattress spent in the box.

  1. Temperature Control

The Ghostbed RV does an above-average job promoting a cool night’s sleep. It does have a bit of heat retention, but the overall construction of the mattress is meant to encourage aeration. 

The latex used in the comfort layer is aerated and offers goodly breathability, and the small holes in the latex enhance this. While the memory foam used in the next layer might retain heat, the memory foam used in the Ghostbed RV mattress has larger cells and a gel infusion that helps dissipate this heat, keeping it a bit cooler.

So while it might not be the best option, this mattress still does its bit at heat dissipation and will provide sleepers with a good amount of coolness when sleeping.

  1. Pressure Relief

This is an area where the Ghostbed RV performs above par. It has a comfort system that consists of two layers, and this comfort system helps relieve pressure points when lying on the Ghostbed RV.

The pressure relief gotten from the Ghostbed RV is mainly due to latex and memory foam, and together they provide just the right amount of pressure relief while cradling your body and preventing sinkage. Depending on sleep positions and body weight, the pressure relief might vary slightly for different people, but the Ghostbed RV has enough pressure relief for everyone.

  1. Ease of Movement

The Ghostbed RV is very responsive because of the latex in the top layer. It is easier to get into and out of the Ghostbed RV mattress than it is on other foam mattresses.

This mattress has a springy feel and goes back to its original shape once pressure is removed. There might be a bit of restriction due to the memory foam layer, but most sleepers won’t even notice.

  1. Durability

The Ghostbed RV mattress is very durable, which is not surprising because the makers did not cut any corners regarding materials and craftsmanship. The mattress will last just as long as any foam mattress and probably longer as long as it is appropriately used and maintained.

Delivery and Setup

The Ghostbed RV mattress is available for shipping across all the States of the United States of America. You can order a Ghostbed RV mattress from their website, which is your best option, or you could go through third-party retailers like Amazon. They also have a brick-and-mortar showroom in Fort Lauderdale for people who want to see the mattress in person before making a purchase.

Shipping is free for everyone living in the 48 contiguous states in the country. For people living in Hawaii and Alaska, there is a shipping fee of $600. Once you order a Ghostbed RV, your order will ship within the day and get to you in a maximum of five business days. 

Ghostbed RV mattresses are packed in boxes and are shipped via FedEx. This option gives a lot of flexibility to the buyers as they can put a hold on their package, get it delivered to their doorstep, or pick it up at a FedEx location.

Unfortunately, the Ghostbed RV does not come with free White Glove delivery, so customers have to unwrap and set the mattress up by themselves. However, if you are willing to pay for it, you can get White Glove delivery at an extra non-refundable fee. They will deliver and unpack your new mattress and remove any old ones you might have.

Trial and Warranty

If you get your mattress from the Ghostbed brand, you can enjoy the 101-night trial. During this period, you can request a refund if the mattress does not suit your needs, but before you can ask for a refund, you must have used the mattress for 30 days at least. If you request a refund within the trial period, Ghostbed will try to fix any issues you might have with the mattress or issue a full refund. Every returned mattress is not sold again; instead, it is donated.

The mattress also comes with a 20-year limited warranty. It has strict conditions and covers indentations over 1 inch or flaws that crack or split the foam layers.

However, if the mattress shows any sign of physical damage or soiling, you will become ineligible for the warranty. You will also become ineligible for the warranty if you are found guilty of improper usage. 

Ghostbed will repair or replace any mattress with the eligible defects if it is still within the first decade of purchase. After that, Ghostbed chooses between repairing the mattress or changing it at a reduced price. Contact Ghostbed for the full terms and conditions of their warranty.

Final Thoughts and Recommendation

The question now is, is the Ghostbed RV mattress good for you? Let’s recap! The mattress is suitable for back sleepers, and it is good for people who move around a lot when they sleep, on the condition that they are sleeping alone. It is soft enough to make for comfortable and relaxed sleeping, and it is bouncy and responsive and provides good pressure relief. And the best thing is that it is affordable.

However, we do not fancy the strict warranty conditions. And the mattress might not be the best for side sleepers. The motion isolation isn’t splendid either, but it is manageable.

Overall, the Ghostbed RV mattress offers value for the money you spend on it, but if you are looking for a mattress that thoroughly ticks all the features of a good mattress, this might not be the best option for you.

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