Eight Sleep Pod Pro Mattress Review

Eight Sleep Pod Pro Mattress review

Eight Sleep is a mattress company established in 2014 and based in the United States of America.

The products associated with this brand include mattresses and sleep products specially built with high-end technological components. For instance, the Eight Sleep Pod, released in 2019, is an all-foam innovative mattress made with enhanced temperature regulation and sleep tracking. Eight Sleep has improved on the original model with the newly launched Pod Pro (2020).

The Eight Sleep Pod Pro offers outstanding heating and cooling capabilities with easy digital control and reporting. The combo is life-changing, although the mattress isn’t without imperfections.

The Eight Sleep Pod Pro is a good bed in and of itself, but the active grid technology, which is controlled entirely through the Eight Sleep app on any smart device, elevates it to the level of a truly unique innovative mattress.

This review will look at how this high-tech bed works and see if the Eight Sleep’s impressive features justify its high price.

Eight Sleep Pod Pro Mattress Construction

Eight Sleep Pro Pod Mattress Construction

The Eight Sleep Pod Pro model is all-foam. The construction of this mattress comprises an intelligent technology layer, a very thick polyfoam core that provides support, plenty of comfort layers, and a cover made of polyester and cotton. The whole construction gives the Eight Sleep Pod Pro its 12-inch profile.


The Eight Sleep Pod Pro cover is one of the technological features of this mattress. It is an Active Grid cover that attaches to the top of the bed. It contains narrow water tubing that will hold water to heat or cool the mattress. It also has a sensor that controls the temperature of the mattress and supplies users with their sleep data. It contains 1 inch of comfortable polyfoam blended with the fabric for added softness and reduced pressure to the mattress’s top. This feature is non-existent in the original model, which is slightly firmer than the Pod Pro. All these parts do not make the cover unnecessarily bulky.

The cover is furnished with a 6 feet long cord to connect to the Hub.

Comfort Layers

Three comfort layers make up the Eight Sleep Pod Pro. The first layer, Airflow foam, is soft, responsive, and has a bounce to it. Beneath it is a layer of Supportive Air Technology that reduces pressure. The final layer is a Flexspring Technology Core which gives the mattress stability and makes it a little more bouncy. 

A 2-inch AirFlow polyfoam comfort layer sits on top of the Pod Pro. Next to it is a 1-inch memory foam comfort layer. 

While the polyfoam conforms to the body while remaining reasonably sensitive, the memory foam makes for deep contouring. These materials work together to give the Pod Pro a medium feel. Users of this model who weigh over 230 pounds may sink a little too much into the mattress, unlike lighter sleepers who are likely to have close conformance and equal weight distribution across the bed. 

Support Layer

The support layer of the Eight Sleep Pod Pro is a durable, premium base foam on which the comfort layers rest. The support layer consists of a 4- inch thick polyfoam, and it ensures that the whole mattress is stable and, together with the transitional layer, provides an even plane for the users.

The polyfoam at the base supports the edges, but this does not work for sleepers who weigh over 230 pounds.

Mattress Height

The Eight Sleep Pod Pro mattress is 12 inches tall, a height standard for most beds entirely made of foam. The above-average height of the Pod Pro means that it can balance a strong support and comfort thickness for body contouring.

Eight Sleep Pod Pro Mattress Firmness And Feel

The Eight Sleep Pod Pro ranks 5 out of 10, which is medium in terms of firmness. It is firm but not too strong that it loses its pressure reduction qualities. Average and lightweight sleepers are likely to be comfortable with the firmness of the mattress, but sleepers who weigh a little over 230 pounds may not be so pleased with it. The active grid components are indistinguishable through the cover; thus, the surface feels even. Also, the firm neutral foam with layers of polyurethane foam ensures that the firmness is average.

Sleepers have spoken about the “veins,” which they observe through the mattress cover. Many people get used to it, but it might be very discomforting for some others. If you cannot bear the feeling of the veins, you can return it before the expiration of the trial period.

Eight Sleep Pod Pro Installation

The complete set of the Eight Sleep Pod Pro comes in two large boxes. One box contains the mattress, rolled up, while the other has the cover, Hub, and the manual.

The mattress is vacuum-sealed, and you would have to lay it out over the bed frame and open the plastic cover to unfold. The mattress would have enlarged to its full height of 12 inches in just a few minutes.

When the mattress has fully expanded, open the cover and plug in the water pipe under your headboard to where the Hub will be. Then attach the cover by zipping it into the mattress. You can place the Hub next to the bed. It would be best if you had electricity and a strong WiFi connection to connect to the app, and a WiFi extender may help.

As soon as you have everything connected, follow the short videos on the app to see how to prime the water and what kind of water you should use. You will need to add a tiny bit of hydrogen peroxide to the water, and you will have to prime twice. The first time is just for a few minutes, but the second one will last for a longer time. However, you can begin using the bed while that is ongoing.

The Eight Sleep Pod Pro App

The Pod Pro app is one of the technological components of the mattress, and it works with SleepOS, the first operating system in the world built for sleep optimization. It is available for iOS and Android users.

The OS keeps improving with the new features added to it and data collected from how you sleep. With the app on your phone, you can remotely manage all the features and settings of the Pod Pro and assess sleep data. 

The first tab lets you set customized alarms for waking up, such as vibrations or changes in temperature. Many users have expressed their preference for this alarm system over the conventional alarm system.

The second tab is a repository of your sleep data. It shows how long you have slept, how often you wake up on time when you usually go to bed, and even how many times you toss or turn around in bed, your heart rate, and how well you breathe while sleeping.


Offgassing refers to the smell that oozes from the mattress after unboxing it. It is an innocuous odor, but many sleepers find it quite appalling.

It is typical of all-foam mattresses to emit a smell, and the Pod Pro is no different. However, the odor does not last for too long in this case. It is mild as this mattress is low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), significantly contributing to off-gassing. Place the bed in a well-ventilated space to make the smell more bearable.

Temperature Control

The Pod Pro is the best choice of mattress for hot or cold sleepers. Apart from the central Pod, it is the most adjustable mattress available. The active grid temperature control allows sleepers to customize either side of the bed from 55°F to as much as 110°F. This is equivalent to 12.8°C to 46.1°C. 

Spouses with different temperatures choices for Sleep can set their choice temperature on the portion of the mattress they are lying on using the control features on the app. 

Autopilot + Pro

Autopilot optimizes the technological features of the Pod Pro, such as the Sleep and biometric sensors, which monitor key markers of physical wellbeing such as sleep time, respiratory rate, heart rate while resting, and REM sleep.

The new feedback engine allows users to rate the changes and help improve their sleep experience.


The Pod Pro was only recently released in spring 2020; thus, there has not been enough time to evaluate this version based on the average mattress durability period of 6-8 years.

Therefore, the durability review of the Pod Pro is based on the superiority of the materials, design, and history of Eight Sleep mattresses.

The Pod Pro is made of foam and has an average firmness of 5. As the years go by, there might be some noticeable softening and instability in the mattress, resulting in sagging and overall discomfort while using the bed. A replacement should be due after six and a half to 7 years of use, as is the case for most other all-foam mattresses. 

You can make an effort to elongate the lifespan of your mattress by moving the head of the mattress to the foot once in 3-6 months. 

The durability of the technological components is also essential. There is a limited 2-year warranty for the Active Grid and Hub, and it means that if these components start malfunctioning after two years of using them, the user bears the cost of repairing them or getting a new one. 

Warranty Info

The foam part of the Pod Pro is covered by a 10-year warranty, while the active grid and Hub have a 2-year warranty. You can have either component replaced or repaired free of charge when they become defective within the warranty period. You will, however, be charged a shipping fee.

Defects covered by this warranty include impressions deeper than 1 inch, physical defects that result in untimely deterioration, and defects arising from poor materials or the inefficiency of workmen and technology. The policy does not cover damage caused by careless management or misuse of the product, and it is non-transferable.

How much does the Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cost?

The Pod Pro’s price is high compared to many all-foam models, and the reason for its expensive cost is primarily due to its high technology. However, when compared to other smart mattresses, it is about the average price range. You get to enjoy free shipping and become a member of the 8+ subscription service with all the benefits that come with it for life.

The retail price of the Pod Pro is way more than that of the regular beds because it is not a traditional mattress, hence the premium price. If you want to buy any nice foam bed, you can get some in the market for as low as $1000 or less.

The queen size model costs $3,095, but you may be lucky to get a discount. The full size is priced at $2,795, while the king-size goes for $3,495. These prices put the Pod Pro on the same ranking as the Casper Wave and New Purple.

Whether or not you should go for the Pod Pro despite the high prices depends on what you are looking for in a bed. If the heating/cooling feature is your thing, getting the Pod Pro is worth it.

The smallest size of the model available is full, and there are no twin or twin XL sizes. Purchase the Eight Sleep Pod Pro from the official Eight Sleep website.

Bottom Line

If you are not used to smart mattresses, it may take you a while to adapt to the Eight Sleep Pod Pro. 

With all the high-tech settings and the water in the mattress, it may all feel bizarre at first, but in no distant time, not only will you get used to it, you will come to love and prefer the Pod Pro mattress over other types of bed. You can choose the temperature you want and customize your alarm to fit your preferences. 

The Eight Sleep Pod Pro is, hands down, a great choice of luxury mattress if you are hoping to improve your sleep experience by making minor adjustments to the temperature. 

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