Best Purple Mattress For Heavy Person

Best Purple Mattress For Heavy Person

The foundation of the Purple mattress is its truly inventive design, which sets it apart in the sea of mattresses available in the market. At its core, the Purple mattress utilizes a patented technology known as the Hyper-Elastic Polymer, an exceptionally flexible and durable material developed by the company founders. This polymer forms a Smart … Read more

Mattress Thickness Ultimate Guide

Mattress Thickness Guide

It is impossible to beat the feeling of hopping onto a thick, soft mattress. Mattress thickness determines how comfortable you sleep. Mattress thickness ranges from 2 inches (mattress toppers) – 20+ inches (Extra firm mattresses). Luxury or posh mattresses fall in the range of 12 – 20+ inches. So, what is the ideal mattress thickness? … Read more

The Best Lightweight Comfortable Mattresses

Puffy Original Mattress

Lightweight mattresses are typically the best choice when you need a mattress that can be moved easily, like for a guest room, RV, camping trip, or while traveling. However, lightweight mattresses with a thinner profile are made entirely of foam, or even are filled with air, such as lightweight blow-up mattresses. Therefore, lighter mattresses usually … Read more

Tips To Expand Your Bed In A Box Quicker

Bed in a box

You’ve just bought your first mattress in a box, or maybe it was your parents, who aren’t as familiar with using the internet as you are. What is the time required for a memory foam mattress to completely expand before you can sleep on it? You have bought your new memory foam mattress, but your … Read more

Best Mattress For Heavier People

Best mattress for heavy people

A good mattress is essential for everyone, but especially for heavier people. A supportive mattress will help you get a better night’s rest and keep your spine healthy. Why Does Your Mattress Matter? We spend eight hours a night on our mattresses – is it giving us the support we need? Mattresses are often not … Read more

How To Dry Out a Mattress Fast

How to dry a mattress

In this article, we will discuss how to dry out a mattress. During the night, your mattress keeps you comfortable and helps you get a good night’s sleep. Approximately 30% of each day is spent in bed, where you spend seven to eight hours per night. Due to so much time spent using, accidents are … Read more

How to choose the right mattress size

How to choose the right mattress size

One of the botch-ups when purchasing a new bed is choosing one that is too small. Regarding mattress sizes, larger is always preferable (as long as it fits in your room!). If you’re still not persuaded that larger is better, we’re here to help you learn about the different mattress sizes with this simple mattress … Read more

Innerspring Mattress Vs. Pocket Coil 

Innerspring vs pocketed coils mattress

The mattress market is constantly evolving, and emerging innovations are becoming more widely used. However, you should keep several factors in mind when deciding whether to purchase an innerspring or pocketed coil mattress, such as how the two mattresses differ from foam or memory foam mattresses.  To help you decide if an innerspring or pocketed … Read more

Anti Allergy Mattress

Anti Allergy Mattress

Several people suffer from allergies that affect their sleep. Up to 30% of adults and 40% of children suffer from allergies, making them a major issue for many people. If you have allergies to dust mites, mold, or mildew in your bedroom, you are familiar with suffering runny noses, itchy throats, and watery eyes in … Read more

What Mattresses Are Made In the USA?

Mattress made in USA

There are many mattresses that are made in the USA. Some of these mattresses are made with all-natural materials, while others are made with synthetic materials.  There are several different types of mattress constructions that can be found in the USA, such as innerspring, memory foam, latex, waterbed, and air bed mattresses.  Innerspring mattresses are … Read more